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I am passionate about philanthropy and thrilled to have been invited to participate in this fantastic exhibition. I invite my artist friends to answer the call for artists, and my art lover/collector friends to visit the exhibition.

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Honored to be supporting Art Synergy during my Digital Photography Special Project Exhibition at Art Palm Beach 2017, booth #E-04: "One Mind/Alternate Realities". Please, stop by and spend a few minutes relaxing, and enjoying the projection and its beautiful accompanying music before once again joining the hustle bustle of the fair.

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"Waiting" (for you). Visit me at Art Concept Fair, Downtown Miami, during Art Basel Miami Week 2016 11-29 to 12-4. Open until 10 pm. Contemporary Art Projects USA booth. E-mail me at for complementary tickets.

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"Chance Encounter". Manipulated digital photography.

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Please, read this poem accompanied by the first song of George Winston’s album: December:

Where All the Years Melt into One
Ileana Collazo

The piano cries waterless tears
as silent raindrops soak the windows;
the sky a sheet of polished pewter,
the branches pacing shadows.

My fingers dancing on the ivory,
each note in tandem with a raindrop,
as silence hovers in the next room
waiting for sleep to come.

But I have no plans to surrender
to the allure of black velvet,
as yet another moonless night
envelopes me in her embrace.

I peer into the dark and call
out to the memories that roam,
but they lay curled under my dreams,
and will not come until I crumble

into the arms of restless sleep
where all the years melt into one,
and everything that used to be
returns to taunt and haunt me.

Miami, Florida, August 13, 2016

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This is my first realistic drawing it only took me 30 minutes so, please tell me what you think.

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