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An App to track your Health and now tracking as interesting as playing a game on your mobile!
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Main Features:

- Health Calculator (BMI,Ideal Weight,Body Fat,Water Intake and many more)
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- Step Counter

Hello cita just starting freeletics free versión but I don't know the workout routine any thoughts?

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Free Athleten trainieren draußen an der frischen Luft. Mit dabei +Harald Teufl​​ und +Martin Gabmayer​​. Unser liebster Freeletics Hotspot, der alte Sportplatz :) Schönes bewegtes Wochenende wünschen wir 🖖
#freeletics #freeathlete

I just finished my first week. All of the workouts were okay except today. Today was harder than the rest. I'm really wondering if I'm going to recover in time for tomorrow's workout. I should, right? One day should be enough, right? I suppose they'll be different muscle groups.

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I was wondering, I've joined, but I have nothing but time on my hands, so I'm doing all 3 Freeletics apps, Bodyweight, Gym and Running.

I'm quite happy to spend 2 hours a day following the various exercises. Not like I have anything else to do. My question is, will it not mess with the whole system in terms of recovery times. Way I figure it the different methods will do different things to different parts of the muscles.

But ideally I want to do a few sessions a day just to keep me busy or I'll go nuts.

I'm also obviously happy to be jelly each night. Keeps me off the sauce. Just don't want to do more harm than good by overdoing it.

Anybody have any experience with more than one method ?

Boa tarde alguém pode me dizer se o freeletics tem restrição a faixetaria por idade?

Idk /: only body weight. Seems like only doing body wouldn't get u thin

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Bin mir ganz sicher, dass auch in der Freeletics Community viele das neue Jahr als Anlass nehmen, sportlich wieder voll durchzustarten. So klappt es mit den sportlichen Zielen für 2017 :)

Started with freeletics this week. Honestly I am just dying after the workouts for now :D But I guess/hope that this is just part of getting into the rythm?
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