When I  was eight years old I was going on a bike ride with my brother (who shall remain anonymous!) After a very short while we stopped at a boathouse to take a break! There was an abandoned Jeep in front of it and being stupid kids we opened the doors and climbed inside.. we found matches and came up with the BRILLIANT idea to start a fire inside the boathouse on the floor made out of wood chips! So we did... and we found some gasoline in the process.. and we poured it on the flames... we were still fine after THAT because it was one of those puny little containers BUT THEN....... WE found one of those huge orange containers of gasoline and dumped it on the fire.. and I guess some of the gasoline got onto me and... caught me on fire... I went to a hospital in Picton but they were not able to give me the treatment that was required... so from there I went to SicKids.
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