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If you are a scoliosis patient or parent, it would be awesome if you could fill out this survey, which is attached below. My sister and I are wanting to better the lives of scoliosis patients, and we are conducting a research and engineering project on scoliosis bracing. Thank you!!


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A saying i made up.


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Hi Friends!
We're trying to collect a dozen survey responses from people with Scoliosis to share on
Please take a few minutes to take the survey at:

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The fabric is 100% cotton and the filling is white rice scented with my favorite perfume, "Etc!" from Rue 21. Other scents and unscented pads are available. Everything is from size to scent to fabric is customizable.

Since it's not electric, it is safe to go to sleep and it only takes 2-3 minutes in the microwave to heat. How long it lasts depends on personal preference. From heat to total cool down can take a couple hours, but it you like it really hot, you may need to reheat every 35-40 minutes.

To prevent injury, place over clothes or wrap in a towel or blanket during use. Do not over-heat (more than 3 minutes 30 seconds in a conventional 1,100 watt microwave). To clean, wipe the surface with a damp washcloth.

Right now, the whole store is 20% off, but I'll continue to offer a discount to those in the community and that includes custom orders.

I'm back! I had to reformat my computer and thus I lost my password. I apologize for my absence and I'll do everything I can to make this an informative and supportive community.

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 Welcome to the group new members! Be sure to introduce yourselves. I'll be collecting resources this weekend. If there is anything you'd like to add, let me know.

Topics will include but are not limited to:
Summary of various conditions
Medication reports and reviews
Alternative therapies
Emotional self-help articles

Keep in mind that all resources/links posted are not meant to diagnose or medicate nor does it constitute endorsement of certain medications or therapies. It is meant to share knowledge in regards to our conditions and our treatment options. Please use common sense and your doctor's advice for your treatment plan.

This community is NOT designed to diagnose or replace professional medical advice. Please use common sense and check with your doctor before applying any advice or information found here.

This community IS designed to give you a place to vent about your bad days, celebrate your good days, and for everyone to share their experiences.

Now for some rules:

* Respect your fellow community members.
* Try to keep profanity limited and please refrain from using chat speak.
*  No advertising.
*  Not following the rules will result in getting banned.

* The rules are subject to change.
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