Hello everyone! As the creator of this community, I would like to discuss what this community about. This community is for anyone with a bad back, young and old. It's for anyone who is searching for a new mattress because they have a bad back due to their current mattress! All people are welcome! The goal of this community is to bring together everyone who has back problems so they can discuss how they are making progress and they can also give advice and mattress suggestions! May I suggest the new Micro Mattress?! It's made of micro beads, therefore it conforms easily to your body and is very squishy. Similar to a water bed! Whoopee!!!

DISCLAIMER This page is purely fictional as it is for my school project. But feel free to post if you really do have a bad back or want to make some suggestions!

Tools For Communication:
Discussions Boards (like this one)
Videos with advice
Links to other pages with advice
Polls on mattresses to choose from
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