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Thank you for 100 members! Here is some yaoi
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I'm bored please use me abuse me whatever you want to do to me

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Hi my character is a demon that loves to stalk children if interested in being dominated pp me BTW sexual preferences is basically bdsm but if you tell me yours I'll be able to adjust

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Thank you for letting me be a member

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I don't know where to put it...sorry if it's in the wrong one...

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!!!Seme needed!!!
Master x Slave
Rough and/or loving Seme needed
No text talk
At least 2+ lines
Please be descriptive with good grammar. Spelling isn't the worst (I have issues with autocorrect XD)

[Both living and loving...]

[A servant and his master]...

"The manor was full of activity of meetings and parties to celebrate things. It was always an extravagant place, servants and more servants running around to do tasks.*

"I need you to refill the drinks! Hurry off! Go!"

He was so demanding and vicious. Cruel to some servants.. but always after this one servant. The red head was usually calm and collected. Very entertaining, especially when tipsy. 'So it would be easy!' he thought..

The purple eyes that were his own would always look away from Y/N's, hiding away and afraid of his rage. He was afraid to be caught in the spiral and web of your chaos..

Though it was already too late, he caught Y/N's eye and there was no chances of getting out now.. He had already tried making moves. Even though the servant would act oblivious or shrug it off. He was surprised that this hadn't ticked him off that much.

instead, Y/N would have Mota clean more than any other servant, carrying the heavy things and dusting off the tiniest of specks.

He never minded doing so, it was his job after all and so, he wouldn't complain...

That night, Y/N decided to call the purple eyes red head to his office. Waiting patiently for the knock at his office door.

"Master Y/N..?"

The soft voice that came after firm knocking, finally arrived. Y/N grinned and stood..

"Come in,"

The door opened slowly as a head peeked in..

"You called, Sir...What is it that seems to be the Problem..?"

[@53 -8? 285 @// ?6 -3@45] <--- turn this into the words and you can rp.
Or just ask]

//These pictures kinda discribe what he looks like. And the last one is just for something like the plot ^^//

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Name: Parris Kyran Doyle
Nickname: Peril
Age: 21
Gender: Male?
Sexuality: Bi (Seke in Yaoi)
Species: Barely Human(read bio for more of an explanation)
Likes: He can't decide
Dislikes: Doctors
Bio: Parris used to have many imaginary friends, when he was a child. He had gone through elementary school and through to the 7th grade, talking to his imaginary friends in public. Many of the students at his schools were horrified of him. It was in 8th grade that his parents thought he had finally gotten over the imaginary friends. However, they were wrong. It was like his imaginary friends were a part of him and he'd switch between them randomly. As it got worse and worse, his parents took him to a doctor before his freshman year of high school started. He was diagnosed with a Multiple Personality Disorder. Immediately, the therapists and other kinds of doctors, got involved. They gave him medication and therapists attempted to talk to him. All they did was make Parris more and more angry and completely insane. The medication didn't help at all. All throughout high school, students and teachers kept their distance from him. His personalities changed randomly in the middle of each class. Eventually he was out of school and one personality was crazy enough to make him kill his own parents. Parris had stabbed and sliced open his parent's bodies, brutally, and then disappeared as cops tried to find him. Nobody had found him to this day, and the cops think he may be dead.
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((All three of these pictures are examples of my character Parris's personalities. He could be either Uke or Seme.))

Parris had finally escaped to a small town where the cops did not follow. His personality was currently scared and hungry, like a lost pet. He needed to find a place to stay for the night. It was almost midnight by the time Parris gave up and decided to sleep in a dark alley. However, he quickly changed personalities and wanted to stay awake and kill something. He spotted a man that looked like he was around the same age as him. Quickly, Parris charged after him and knocked him down onto the concrete sidewalk. Then his personality changed again and he started to cry a little. He ran back into the alley and hid behind a dumpster. The man he attacked, was very confused. He walked over to Parris and...
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