Hi guys, I just bought the pro version of the app, but there are a lot of features that I still can't check /uncheck.

Any idea why?

I don't know about everyone else, but for at least the past several months, force deep sleep off when recharging doesn't stick with any option other than "always".

I'm running latest monthly of Optimized CM 12.1 on AT&T GS4 and using the latest stable version of DS Battery Saver

Hallo. I just bought a new phone and I noticed a problem. On my former device i used a default screen lock so the "user present" feature was working ok. But on my new phone I use the Next Lock Screen and this feature doesn't work. In system settings there is screen lock set as "none" (else the default screen lock collides with the Next Lock Screen) and Battery Saver obviously doesn't recognize Next as lock screen, thus wifi/data turns on while the screen is turned on, althought not unlocked.
Is there some workaround to make this work properly? (I have android 4.4.4, unrooted)

Hi, I'm new to this app. I have tried powernap, which worked great with the exception of it putting my  samsung 3 mini in SOD. I can't seem to get a similar battery life, and was wondering what the best settings for the free version can be done. Thanks!

Hi there, great module. Really works. The only problem is I can't notifications from Hangouts, Fb messenger, GMAIL, Whatsup. Only after the screen is on and give a refresh. I've added those on my whitelist but no luck. Any suggestion?

Curious about Marshmallow support. It sometimes works and sometimes just won't go into deep sleep.

I am unable to add any app to the Whitelist. I ma using a stock Galaxy S4 GT-i9505. Please suggest.

Could you improve this following use case :
 - Do not toggle OFF Bluetooth when it is connected (or phone in call).

When I drive, I able to have a call with my Bluetooth hands-free kit. But even if I am calling, when the screen is turning off, the bluetooth is toogle to off. So the sound's output is the microphone of my phone.

Any chance toggle data will work on lollipop without root? Thanks

I have the paid version and would really like to use this with my old Nook Simple Touch (Android 2.1 - Eclair.) The current version doesn't work on the old device. Any advice which, older, version might work and how to download it?
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