Race:Kai(In Training)
Power Level:19,232,233,242(Just Learning)
Ki: Red
Zeni: Infinite
Transformation:Final Divine God Energy
Bio:A nice Kai who tries to please her master by only destroying wrong timelines by being taught by Beerus himself the hakai and using it on te Emerald color time rings.(No destroying timelines that she is told to destroy is not bad)

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Hey guys, I want to share my new episode of Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Let's Play Series with you. Would be really cool if you could have a look and leave some nice feedback.

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Does anyone Here have Dragon Ball Xenoverse for the PC?

I'd like too try and face some people, maybe even friend for parallel quests.

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Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2 Gameplay Future Gohan vs Turles #E3 2016

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Name: pigley trin
Genfer: male
Race: ?
Power level: ?
KI: green
Zeni: none
Transformation: super life god
Bio: a boy who look like 17 but he is 350.000.000 years old and The god of life

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Name: Joey
Power level: 320k
Age: 11
Race: saiyan
Ki: Blue
Gender: male
Zeni: 5,000
Transformations: none yet
Bio: this mysterious boy is shy and lonely. He wants to become stronger. He always wanted someone to train him. He is capable of mysterious power.
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Age: 20

Super Saiyan 2

Okay I'm your group now what?
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