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Quote: "You Think Your Ready To Face Me?"

Name: Damion

Age: 18

Gender: Male

Sexuality: Straight

Species: Saiyan

Transformations: SSJ, SSJ2, SSJ3

Moves: Super Kamehameha, Grand Smasher, Galactic Buster, Hyper Galick Gun, Trap Shooter, Omega Blaster, True Kamehameha, Spirit Bomb, Burning Attack, Burning Storm, Finish Buster, Special Beam Cannon

Mom: Blade +sylvia raven wolf

Father: Roman

Brother: RJ

Sister: Blade Jr

Hero Or Villian: Hero

Theme Song: Forever By Drake

Personality: Courage

Likes: Training

Hates: Loud Noises

Alex: I'm swimming in the pool in my mermaid tail from the 2 tails. I spin around in a circle.

(Open rp)

Alex: I play with my pencil as the teacher gives a lecture

(Open rp)

Alex: I open my locker snd get distracted with the mirror "So... shiny..."

(Open rp)

Alex: I tuck a buttercup I picked from the garden behind my ear as I wonder through the garden. I start chasing a butterfly. "I'm gonna get it!"

(Open rp)

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Quote: "Can't you see the magic is all around us? The forest comes alive with it!"

"You are a bright and shining pearl, who is the best after hardship."

Theme Song: This Town

Name: Alexandria Kate Romiva

Age: 14

Parents: Cora and Tristan

Gender: Female

Personality: Alex still retains her childlike innocence and wonder. She truly thinks magic is real, and that she is a fae princess. Due to being shunned by everyone else, she made friends with things most can't even fathom. She is kind and caring, a true light.

Grade: 9th

Nickname: Alex, Nature Freak, Princess Alexandria of the Fae Kingdom

Sexuality: Straight

Relationship Status: Single

Is this for the sons/ daughters of the orginal rp community charectors?

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Alex's necklace

Alex: I tap my pencil on my desk and watch outside the window, not paying attention to the class

Teacher: "Alex!"

A: "Whaaa?" I turn around

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