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Even $10 will be enough.. 

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We WILL TREND on August 6th. Be Prepared.. 

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ATTENTION! #VAFamily , Let's Make #FrostbiteFor2015 happen

THE CROWD FUNDING CAMPAIGN STARTS IN 2 DAYS!!! Basically starting Aug 6th we'll have a MONTH to get up 1.5 million dollars. If we can do it, potential backers will fund the rest of the movie.


The more this news is spread, the more likely we'll easily reach our goal.
Vampire Academy has MORE than 1.5 million fans, if we can find them all we'll easily get our #Frostbite movie!

Calling all social media fan page runners, Youtubers, bloggers, and dedicated fans! Make posters, make videos, blog! Spread this article. We spread the news and we'll get the money. Contact every single Media account/person you can think of.

Let's plan a trend for tomorrow, the day before the campaign launches. 
Should we tweet #FrostbiteIndieGoGo or something like that?! Let's make it happen. 

And if you haven't already, join our Vampire Academy "Spread The Word" Mission . We already have more than 4000 people working with us.. Join us. help 

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+Emma Carstairs Creative Writing Sample

   It's the first day at my new middle school. I shouldn't be nervous, but I can't help the feeling of butterflies in my stomach. I take a deep breath- maybe two- and step through the doors.
   The first person I see is  my friend, thank goodness for that. I run over to her and shout her name: "Gwyneth!" She quickly turns around to see me and smiles. We compare our class schedules and it turns out, we have most of our periods together; including our first.
   As the bell rings, we mentally decide to walk to class together- talking the whole way there. We took a few wrong turns- nothing major- and got in class just as the bell rang.
   I smiled and thought to myself, this is going to be a great year.

Post a sample of your writing, in any genre you prefer.
Deadline: August 2

I am slowly pacing around the room, waiting for students to show up
(Open RP to anyone in Creative Writing)
(I'm the teacher)

I am sitting at my Teacher's Desk waiting for class to start when
(Open to anyone in Basics of Elemental Control: Sprit)
(I'm the teacher)

I am leaning against a wall reading a book when
(Open RP)
(As Sierra Dragomir)
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