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Name: Harley. HARLEY QUINN!
Age: You don't ever ask a lady that! but I am 27
Height: 5 foot 3 inches
Weight: 117 lbs
Skills: well im quite skilled with a giant hammer, bombs, and a bit of fist fighting but it all depends on what my puddin' has for us
Base: Gotham! Duh, or well Arkham more but yeah. why do you ask? IS BATSY GONNA HURT MY PUDDIN'?
Most common quote: "DON'T CHYA KNOW HOW TO TREAT A LADY?"
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Name: Floyd Lawton AKA Deadshot
Appearance: Pic below.
Allies: Is currently partners with Deathstroke.
Personality: Arrogant and greedy at times. Doesn't care about others and is willing to let many die to get the job done.
Skills: Expert marksman and "never misses". Is also skilled at hand to hand combat but it isn't his specialty.
Equipment: Usually uses wrist mounted guns but is also a crackshot with other firearms as well. Has a laser scope on his right eye as a sight assist. Uses a foot long knife as well for close quarters combat.
Bio: Grew up with his mother, abusive father and brother, who he idolized. On one occasion Lawton's father attacked his brother prompting Lawton to end his fathers reign of terror with his own rifle. However the branch of the tree that he sits on breaks as he fires causing the bullet to hit his brother instead, killing him. The psychological events led to Lawton's impeccable aim and a disregard for human life. Lawton later grew up to be the assassin for hire known as Deadshot.

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