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Good afternoon docAppenders,

As of today, the Google bug that was affecting our form based add-ons should now be resolved.

Please let us know if you are still experiencing these issues.

am using DocAppender and have one student who when they submit information, the information doesn't show up on the doc it is assigned too. We have checked the sharing information, the email, and both the form and the document. The other 17 students in class each get their information, except this one student.

Any advice would be greatly appricated. Thank you very much. 

Heyla, I am having a great journey trying to figure out how to get my form submissions into one doc. After many hours with autoCrat (Rocks!) I now ended up with docAppender, which is also pretty cool. What I want to achieve is to have abstracts appended to just one doc. The usecase I currently see for docAppender depends on different groups ar other select criteria. I however only have one group submitting abstracts. Seeing how this all functions I figure adding a hidden field to the form with the name of the doc should do it. I am having a hard time figuring out how to do that using google scripts. At least that seems the way to go.

There is something on GitHub that points in that direction, but no guidance how to implement that:

Can someone help me out how to use docAppender with one doc for appending data?

Thanks Ben


If you are noticing unexpected behaviors this morning, we apologize for the inconvenience.

Google Forms recently released an update that also caused users to experience technical difficulties, meaning that some, or all, Google Form Add-Ons are affected. Behaviors reported include Form Triggers, changing and/or saving data, or opening certain Form Add-Ons.

We cannot fix the issue on our end as it comes directly from Google. We can only wait with you that Google fix it. We will keep the community updated once we hear back.

Thank you for your patience,

First time user - but the enable wheel doesn't stop rotating. Not sure if it's a bug issue or not.

Google has fixed Form Add-Ons. You should be able to reuse and change your docAppender settings. Thank you all for your patience!

The add-on will not launch. The menu gives you the option for the sidebar, but it does not open it. 

Dearest docAppenders,

We are seeing a recent problem within our Form Add-Ons. All Form Add-Ons are affected. You may be seeing a pop-up that only displays the link, 'Help', if you try to access any Add-On. This is not intended behavior.

We contacted Google to look at the problem. We will notify the communities when the issue resolves.

Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused.

Yours truly,

Sidebar will not open.

will DocAppender ever gain functionality to read and input into the new Team drives system?

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