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Update from the developers! The team has created a new feature within docAppender which now allows you to pull all data elements over from a grid checkbox type question. Previously docAppender would place the title of the question, the text represented in the columns of the grid and the response onto the corresponding document.
The add-on has been updated to also include the text represented in the rows of the grid checkbox, so all the information is represented. This feature was requested right here in this community; you help us make our tools work better for you.
Thank you all for the support and feedback 😁

Hi all,
Is there a way to tell docAppender to only send information when there is an answer for the question. For example, I have a lengthy form, with lots of optional questions. I have no way of knowing which ones respondents will fill in, so I've told docAppender to send all the questions, but then I end up with lots of extra unnecessary unanswered questions. In other words, in "Step 3: Form values to be added to target Docs on form submit," I want them all, but only if the respondents included an answer. Hope that makes sense. Thanks for the help!

Hi, I'm using DocAppender (love it!) to add information to a Google Doc that is automatically created using another Add-On. The first add-on creates the form and places it in a specific folder. Then a second form is used with the DocAppender add-on to add information to that Google Doc. However, DocAppender doesn't see the form quickly enough. I believe it looks at the folder hourly, but is there a way to force it to look at it sooner than that? I don't want the end user to have to go into the add-on and click the refresh button to get it to populate again.

If you can tell me how to make this happen, I will be eternally grateful!

Docappender sees folders and loads list, but does not append form responses. It worked last week and earlier this week, but when I completed a form yesterday it didn't append to the correct document, or any document at all.

I redid the entire form and worked with it all day yesterday, but still nothing.


Hi, I am trying to use docappendr in to generate learning skills comments. I notice that it will populate the first 4 question answers or so and then it will not populate the rest. Please let me know what I can do to fix this issue. Thanks.

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I am a newbie and working with some of the cool functions here! I would love to be able to use this to record data for teachers of student observations and for creating meeting agendas.

When using the horizontal rows in a table feature, I would love to have it look at the BOTTOM of the document, and add a new table if there isn't one yet, or add a new row if there is one already.

This way, we could have the form data clearly in the table, but then be able to insert meeting minutes, parent conversations, or new details about interventions, etc. in normal typing format and have any further observations taken using that form go into a NEW table at the END of the document, rather than finding the table earlier in the document and adding onto it.

What I WANT to have happen is what is shown in the image.

What ACTUALLY happens is that I can type text after my table, and then when I submit a new entry in my form it adds onto the table earlier in the document, rather than adding onto the BOTTOM of my document. I could also see times when this would be useful, so I don't want the feature changed, but maybe an option added to have it 1) look for the old table - like it does now, or to 2) always go to the bottom of the Doc.

Hi! I set up docAppender, setup went as usual, but responses aren't appending?! Here's my user key: AAG9FIHfpJEYPFpwD0lDdmPtX7G4Z21lsLelfDEHPv0BQfR0n52xWYpx/vJI+WnucYzOpQit+ich

Just starting using this and can quickly see how it is going to streamline feedback to my students on assignments. Trouble is, it stopped working part way through. Worked for the first 6 students, and then nothing. The form saves the results but does not append them to the coordinating docs. Please help. I have tried everything - remade the form, disabled, enabled, new docs, shutdown, removed all other addons - nothing works.

The past few times I have run docAppender on one of my forms, it has appended the data twice into my doc. The form responses only appear once in my sheet. I'm wondering why this might be?

I started playing with this yesterday to collect feedback for the teacher candidate who is working with me this month. Doc Appender is working great, but I would like to know if there is any way to specify that unanswered questions don't get pushed to the feedback doc. There are quite a few expectations and I'm not going to be able to enter data from each one each time, so the doc is getting cluttered with empty boxes of unfinished questions.
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