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Some of you may know part of this story: I've hit some hard times recently.

Over the last few months, I've suffered a series of huge financial setbacks. Around October, He lost about 1/2 of his yearly income, then lost his lease in November, and finally our van broke down, which was serving as kind of a back-up home. What luck, huh?

Because of this, Im trying to raise money to get it fixed. :)

The outpouring of support, so far, has been humbling, and I feel deep gratitude. We still have a little ways to go. So, I'm reaching a little deeper into my networks to ask for support.

It would also be deeply appreciated if you can +1 and share my story with you communities and social networks.

Thanks for taking the time to read my request. That alone means a lot to me! <3

Is it my imagination, or are some of the posts in this community muted (comments disabled). Just curious... what is the purpose of disabling comments? Isn't the purpose of a community to encourage dialog? Or perhaps, I'm missing a point?

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Mark your calendars for live session w/ @alexpickett 11/28 12 PM ET #HumanMOOC

What is your 6 word story about teaching presence? #HumanMOOC

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Sharing this in this Community.

Hello! I am an instructional designer seeking ways to engage and inspire online learners to go beyond technical issues and comfort zones to use audio and video as a means to promote interaction for learning in online courses. Plus, I am new to MOOCs. This course is awesome. I have already gathered a few tools and ideas for promoting social presence in my own online courses. I will continue to visit this community often.

Hi everyone, Welcome to HumanMOOC. I"m one of the wayfinders in the course and am looking forward to learning with you. We've discovered that when you try to access recordings of the Google Hangouts from this page on your iphone it takes you to the event page rather than the recording. The recordings can be accessed from this page on your laptop. Let us know if you have any questions.


It is really exciting to see the HumanMOOC community come to life again! Welcome all Humanizers.

This community is YOURS to share findings, research, presentations, videos and more. Curate the best of the web related to humanizing online teaching and learning practices here!

are we still using this group?

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Can't make it to OLC Accelerate? Join a Vconnecting session and talk with keynotes and presenters: Kelvin Thompson, Katie Linder, Roz Hussin, Stephen Kosslyn, Allison Salisbury, Jamila Lyiscott, Carl S. Moore, Ph.D., Vincent Del Casino, Dr. Laurie G. Hillstock and Keith O’Neal. First session is today at 10:30 AM
Check out schedule here and tweet to @vconnecting if you want to participate:
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