You already know my location and for everyone else I live in Charlotte NC OUTLAW country where we love our Harley's and ride them hard. The girl's are wild and tan as a biscuit. Southern hospitality is what they call it. Been all over the USA but know place can be like home untill your​ away. Freddy1%erNFG

Thank God it's Friday

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I just got my LG and I've had nothing but problems with it, I don't get any phone calls coming in but I can text out. I plan on having my old phone turned back on. I have Boost Mobile as my provider and never had that kind of problem before, and the reason I'm passing on this information is I would hate see one of my friends waist there money when I didn't take the time out to tell them about it. So don't say that I didn't tell you about it. LG sucks

I'm feeling LUCKY

Thoughts a peace of mind good times and bad and a place to chil
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