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Hooray for Gansito! After spending more than a year and a half at the shelter, she is on her way HOME at this very moment. Watch Gansito's story and see a miracle unfold. To save some of the world's most neglected animals, go to

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Our resident snake handler, Anthony Embree & APB owner, Mitchell Cole were called out to a local Oak Grove resident who had a snake issue. Rather than needless extermination, this small garder snake was captured, bagged, & is ready for release in a conservation area. With the cold weather coming, be sure to keep your yards & grounds around the home as clear of debris or overgrowth to avoid these pesky critters from taking up residence with you :)

#allpetbrigade #snakehandler #communitysupport
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Cosmetics industry seeks to water down UK’s planned ban on plastic microbeads

PLEASE SHARE to spread word and help push back!

Cosmetics industry representatives have submitted a statement to the European Commission regarding the UK Government’s plan to introduce a legislative ban on plastic microbeads.

Among other comments, they have objected to the scope of the proposed legislation, which is currently set to ban all solid microplastic ingredients found in rinse-off cosmetic products, arguing that only solid plastic particles used for cleansing or exfoliating should be banned.

Read today's EIA News Update in full at

#microbeads #cosmetics #plastic #pollution #oceans +European Commission

Image: Microbeads (c) T Cox / FFI

Post has attachment is also "Twój Przesąd Na Temat Weganizmu To"!

Due to the long and hard work of our volunteers, we're both thrilled and proud to be launching the site in good ol' Polski. There's a lot of really great advocacy taking place in Polish speaking countries around the world, so we see this as a much needed and very timely addition to the Your Vegan Fallacy Is project. While many people worked hard to make this happen, and we want to express our deep and heartfelt thanks to ALL of them, Robert Zduński was particularly dedicated to making this site translation a reality -- thanks a ton, Robert!

This makes our fifth language on the site, following English, Deutsch/German, Español/Spanish, and Português/Portuguese, and there's room for LOTS more. If you're vegan and you'd like to see the site in your native language (or to help out with the ongoing work in the existing languages), OR if you're interested in helping with the editing, art, or resource gathering, then we'd love to chat with you about how you can volunteer your time to make that happen!


The Your Vegan Fallacy Is project is a community-driven effort dedicated to correcting misconceptions about veganism in approachable and unambiguous ways. If you're vegan and you'd like to see the site in your mothertongue (or to help out with the ongoing work in the existing languages), or if you'd like to volunteer your skills as an artist, writer, or resource curator, then read more about how you can help at

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Heartbreaking photos posted online of a small, dead Shih Tzu found with his face and feet bound with electrical tape, have led to the arrests of two people on Wednesday, wrote Genesee County Sheriff Robert Pickell on his Facebook page. Based on a tip and the subsequent investigation of the tiny dog Dakota, found dead last week, Nathan Chase McCue and Jessica Brown have each been charged with felony torture and killing of an animal.

The animal cruelty investigation had been ordered by the Genesee County Sheriff’s Office in Vienna Township, Michigan. That’s when Sheriff Pickell posted two photos on his Facebook page after the little dog’s body was discovered. According to the sheriff, McCue, 21, the dog’s owner and Brown, 18, the sister of McCue’s girlfriend, were angry that the dog urinated on McCue’s clothing. Both defendants have been accused of tying Dakota’s legs together, along with his head and face, using electrical tape and then stomping on the dog’s neck until he was dead.

” I would like to personally thank everyone who reached out to my office, expressed their concerns and shared my original post asking for information. That post was shared hundreds of times and seen by 50,000 people,” Sheriff Pickell wrote.

The sheriff stated the tip came from the mother of Jessica Brown, and he applauded the woman’s courage to do the right thing. The woman was concerned about others in the same household – including her own grandchildren. The torturous death of tiny Dakota is one of the most horrific animal cruelty cases the sheriff has even seen in his law enforcement career and is grateful to the community for coming together to help solve this heinous crime.

McCue and Brown are scheduled to appear in court on March 28th. If found guilty, both could face up to four years in prison. Bond has been set at $10,000 each, and both have been ordered not to have any contact with any animals.

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They have known unbearable suffering. Neglected, abandoned, discarded like trash. But YOU can help them. In fact, you are the only one who can.

Please go to now to join the Emergency Response Team, funding life-saving medical treatment for dogs like Jimmy and Jess, pictured here on arrival at our shelter.

Please click on the link below to watch their incredible journey to recovery, thanks to people like you.
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