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You wake up all you here is zombies and you sit up and see a house but it over a mountain and there is zombies in the way so you run and there is a sword and you pick it up along with a picaxe and a axe and you start up the mountain but then you see that it wasn't a house it was a big tree so you grab your axe and try to cut it down but it didn't work so you crab the picaxe and start to cut it down and it work but you have to cut it down one at a time so you build a small wall so the zombies cant hurt you and you start to make a tree house

you have to use a new character and name it
no spamming
roles (some people will have to be the npc)
The Guide-
Arms Dealer-
Dye Trader- IHATEspam
Merchant -
Tavern-keep -
Demolitionist -
Painter -
Nurse -
Dryad -
Angler -
Party Girl -
Stylist -
Goblin Tinkerer -
Mechanic -
Witch Doctor -
Clothier -
Pirate -
Truffle -
Wizard -
Steampunker -
Tax Collector -
Cyborg -
Santa Claus-
Skeleton Merchant (RANDOM CHANCE) -
Travelling Merchant (RANDOM CHANCE) - 
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