Does anyone think that maybe we should print our assignment out and cover sheet and put it in a folder just in case they won't it or can't find it through email??

just submitted our paper to ross, i said to him that we are happy to present the week after if we were supposed to submit it to him exactly a week before we present. we dont really have another choice other than failing because its late haha!

Hey Michael, just wondering if you could email anything you want me to add to the prezi for the economic section? :) thanks! email is

Hi guys, just wondering if we are ready to submit our group essay, if we haven't already? I think it's supposed to be a week before our presentation?

How are we all doing? Do we have any ideas for meeting up?

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2010 EWB Intro Movie

may not be useful for our presentation but worth watching for ideas - we could adapt it 

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Hey guys, I was thinking, would you like me to do the introduction to the presentation as well, since I am opening with the interactive water thing? Also, something I think is really important is doing a recognition of traditional owners before we start too. I'm happy to do that as well. Thoughts?

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look at this page for more info. on the floating toilet project - i think that we could focus on this project simply because they have a really good video etc! 

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