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тнιѕ ιѕ α ρℓα¢є υ gєт тσ ρσѕт υя ємσ ∂яαωιиgѕ нσρє υ єиʝσу му ¢σммυиιту ^ω0
тυяиѕ ιитσ α ємσ кι∂
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pretend that you're an artist for a while. you put some time into a drawing. some people like it! but then, some guy reshares it. okay, doesn't seem wrong, right? no. he/she reshared it to a cringe collection. you get severely hurt. "is my art that bad?" you might think. you get discouraged from making art. if you stop making art, you don't improve. you don't even like any of your art that you made anymore, even though you thought it was good originally. people wonder why you've stopped making art. you just say "it was never good in the first place." you become less popular. you start thinking that all the people that complimented you before were just lying the whole time. all because some guy thought it was bad, and thought it was "cringe."
all artists need time to improve. don't be an asshole. try and give them constructive criticism instead of just calling it "cringe." it'll help them get better at art. who knows, if they ever get really good at art, they'll have you to thank.
i rest my case.
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