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Hello there!
This is one of the mods sonic speaking
And I'm here to tell you the rules around here Lel.
Ok now
•R U L E S•
~be nice
~no unrelated posts plz
~no spys,the mods and owner will check ppl's profiles!
~no spam allowed
~enjoy :3

Oh! And one more thing! Please don't follow this girl name +a garcia (don't want to tag) she's a lying hoe and will try to get you in her trap so don't trust her also she recolors and lies to her fans and friends and she'll just use you to recolor arts,turn against others to protect her. There's an anti community about her just type "anti A Garcia (catty the cat)" feel free to join!

Well that's it and again enjoy. :3

Is this community dead XD

Hi everybody <3


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I drew this
Its keiran btw not catty!!

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I feel like crying...

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I changed back to my old design and still shipping myself with springtrap and i changed keirans clothing

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