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Sakura and Kagome are training to become stronger. Kagome was trying to do a sword slash, until Sakura blocked the move by jumping high
"You seem to improve, Sakura-Kun.." Kagome mumbled
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Name: Sakura Haruno | Kagome Hyashi

Gender: Female | Female

Age: 19 | 21

Personality: (is a Tsundere) nervous, shy, caring | calm, serious, quiet

Species: Human, Spellcaster | Human, Swordswoman

Abilities: Can jump high | Can teleport to anywhere

Sexuality: Bisexual | Bisexual

Bio: Sakura and Kagome are friends for 5 years and they do whatever to protect each other,

Kagome calls herself Sakura's tool and Sakura gets sad every time Kagome says that. They both have a parent to child relationship

Kagome is a high class Swordswoman (one of the best swordswoman) while Sakura is a Spellcaster

They both fight and help each other

Sakura's Quote: "U-Umm are you r-ready yet??"
Kagome's Quote: "Let's see if your a fighting-worthy opponent.."
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Name: Alex Raven

Age: 15

Species: Ghoul, Human

Sexuality: Straight

Powers: none

Bio: After being sent to earth I have been a 15 year old failed mission to destroy earth


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Sooooo sorry! Please forgive Xeb!

Name(s): Bella and Xeb
Species: Human? And Demon
Age: 19 || 20
Gender: F || M
Hidden Weapond(s): Mechanical Blade, Mechanical Gauntlet and Scythe..
L: Bella; Books, Weapons, Candy..Xeb; Fights, Food, Torture..
H: Bella; Xeb's attitude, Fights, Discipline..Xeb; Bella's Pet Buiu, Reading, Discipline..

Heat Slice, Smash, Fling Punch, Sound Cut
Soul Slice, Metro Cut, Corrupted Stab

Being binded by a curse from an unknown identity gave them the ability to be able to get any weapon of they're need...

∆From an unknown region, these two were cursed by an unknown identity binding they're souls together; short, if one dies the other dies aswell..They mostly spend they're time being destructive or just playing dead..
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Bella and Xeb are up late and walking around a nearby woods *-(or something ovo)*-

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Name: Nate
Age: 21
Species: Demi-God
Sexuality: straight
Powers: animal summoning, can control elements can shape shift, invincibility, weapons master, can control time and space
Bio: Nate was known as a hero to everyone in his home town but due to disobeying all of the government's rules he Is now on the run, he came to this school to hide him self from 'the hunt'
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Name: Madison
Age: 20
Species: Demon
Sexuality: straight
Powers: invisibility, demon summoning, phantom weapons, can change her look any time any place
Bio: Madison is a demon princess and is wanted for so many crimes around the world also she is the best assassin in the universe she has taken out the strongest leaders in the democratic universe
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