My gift is the ability to help anyone broke down inside. Able to lift a smile from a broken cry.. able to bring joy to whats never laughed.. I'm able to free anyone trapped in the dark realm of reality. I've been blessed with what a simple test claimed me with and proclaimed as a rare mind. There are many benifits but all in all a curse to me. But one thing i can do is fix whats broken inside. Not inside me but of all those around me. I've never found a cure to my own darkness and instead of persuing and waisting time i pressed forward learning new things about my self daily. but most of all how i can preseve and solve problems all around me. how im able to exceed at everything i do and better them. Its always been crazy and confusing but usable. I know not much of this makes sense cause it really doesn't to me either but i've always got your back when needed.. ~Dsaynt
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