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wēn gù ér zhī xīn
gain new knowledge by reviewing old---------Confucius
故:old (things)
而:and/ then
Confucius thinks, people should not only focus on getting new knowledge but also need to review the old, because knowledge is complex and thinking will help you to gain more.
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Best B2B Marketplaces in China

B2B marketplaces are a growing rapidly, where sellers can easily create their own website to showcase products and services online, locate and connect with global buyers, reply to ‘buying leads’ and post ‘offers to sell’. Here are our top picks for the biggest and most successful Chinese B2B marketplaces. #B2B #Marketplaces


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Danish Art

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A Chinese tourist pays for a tour package with Alipay yesterday in Johannesburg, South Africa. A total of 10,000 merchants in South Africa now accept Alipay. — Xinhua

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Cross-Cultural Leadership for Change Management in China

This summarizes the key points for successfully leading a PMS (Performance Management System) project in China. The challenges were cultural, behavioral, and complex. The stakeholders were NOT always aligned nor committed towards a common purpose. Business goals were often NOT aligned with the personal goals of the individuals involved.

BUT, we managed to deliver successfully on all milestones, on time! #CrossCultural #Leadership for #ChangeManagement in #China

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顶部收入计划 让您轻松建立业务
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