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The image says it all. =)

I am currently remixing EVERY SONG in the ENTIRE UNDERTALE SOUNDTRACK (and a few outside, like The Wrong Number Song), and I'll be spending about TEN HOURS EVERY DAY on it!

I already finished eight of them in the past two days, but I was holding back on those ones because the same melodies appear in later, more intense songs.

They're all a variety of genres, so far I've done chiptune, psytrance, glitch hop, jungle, you name it!

If I were being completely honest, I'd say I've rushed through the first few because I'm excited to get to the later ones. =D

All of them are made with LMMS. Not only that, but 100% of the sounds are synthesized by me alone from scratch, with these two exceptions, and other exceptions that I will mention in the description of each song if there are any:


- LMMS samples, but only the percussion.

Any UNDERTALE remixes I've made already will be re-made for this project.

Here is the link to my profile, and the playlist that will contain all of those remixes!

Donations are not necessary, as I am being covered by Grillby's and Tem Shop Co. Reposting, on the other hand, would allow many more people to see this project, and would be very helpful!

If you're afraid of all that reposting ruining the feeds of your followers, there's a simple solution! Simply repost the playlist rather than the individual songs, and then maybe repost a few of your favorites so other people will be able to hear them, and I'll know which remixes were my best!

If you want to know when a new remix is created, simply follow me. Or, if you really, really do not want to follow me (I don't know why not; CoolSkeleton95 did, and we all know who that is), that's just fine, I'll actually give you a hint! You can bookmark the playlist page in your browser if you don't want my remixes in your Soundcloud feed, and check there instead.

ASGORE has given his approval for this project, but only after I guaranteed him that his remix would be extra cool. I guess I had no choice....

Here are the links to the eight songs I have so far, soon to be nine:


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For those of you who have heard my Undertale remixes before, I have changed my profile URL into something less obnoxious (the previous was just a bunch of numbers). Here is the new link:

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Hello, everybody! I made another remix, and I really like this one.

It is the FIRST EVER (decent) Wrong Number Song remix ever to be posted on Soundcloud!!!

Here's the link to the song and my profile. Enjoy!

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I know I already advertised my music on here, but the song I finished today deserves a mention all on its own. It is BY FAR the best remix I've ever made, and I am filled to the brim with joy, as this is a huge milestone for me.


Tell me what you think! I'll be making more awesomeness like it in the future. =D

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First of all, I propose we change the name of this community from "remix's" to "remixes", it's really bothering me.

Second of all, I am a music composer, and I've made some Undertale remixes. Here's my Soundcloud:

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hay dance tale girl sans I MISS YOU! we need to chat!

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