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Anxiety and depression are b*****s, but please remember you are never alone. These feelings of loneliness and wanting to die want to corrupt your soul and take it away, where you can't come back. If you ever feel like killing yourself, lonely, sad or depressed, come here. Between the walls of technology, there are people who want to help you. We won't just help you but become your friends. Virtual friends. We don't know each other, excepting one thing. We must help us as much as possible, offer support and heal wounded warriors. We are here. Please, come here whenever you want. We will be here. I promise.

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Long time since I was active. So much stuff happened, that I got caught up with life. >~<
Anyways, I hope all of you guys are doing great!

Also, what do you think of her book? Loving it so far!
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Please, remember.

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Here is something for the fans of these two, to cheer you up!
~Credits to the artist. (If you are the artist, speak up! :3)~

Eyy, sort of back. I finally got my life together. Passing most of my courses, my relationship is now the best ever (my first one, anyways). Family trying to understand me. I get a lot of help from my boyfriend and I am thankful I have him. I got over my social anxiety and I need almost over my depression. I am doing quite well, since last time.
Thankyou so much, especially some of my friends here. Excuse my inactivity, but I am focusing on school and my future paths at the moment. Thankyou all for the support when i really had nobody. Thankyou for you guys telling me happy birthday when I had nobody. Thankyou so much. Lots of love, and I hope your life is waaaaay better than mine -Kat.

I will add a category into which you will be able to post pictures that are motivational or with a specific meaning and a category for shating thoughts, like this one right here.If other mods do not like this ideas, please remove the category! Thankyou -Kat.

Hey guys, I didnt really make an introduction about myself, I do have problems but i dont really wanna talk about myself tbh, I dont really care about myself anymore. Ill always be here if anyone wants to talk or somethin like that. Ill try me best to help. I care for a lot of people and i want all of ya to feel welcome in this community, we'll never judge ya, if anyone does, please let a mod know so we can remove that person. I was thinking of a group chat on hangouts to help eachother out, no one is forced to join it. If anyone wants to just say and ill try my best to make one for the sake of helping you guys ❤️ Stay strong everyone xx

Hey guys hope you all are doing ok

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Uh.....little scared to tell you guys this but....uh.....I'm.......addicted to dabbing.
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Me too!
Whats dabbing?
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Hey guys
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