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The House Of The Dead 5 ????

Is this RP group still alive?

Heroname= cyber six
Real name = connor mills
Weapons 2 45 csliber pistols and a machete
Bio unknown

(Walks outside, but sees the destruction of Gotham all around him, falling to his knees) No... I've failed...

Real name: UNKOWN

Current Name: Leon Scott Kennedy-Isley

Age: Unknown



Notes: An Ex-Mercenary with superhuman strength and kryptonian DNA, is exceptional with firearms, explosives and knifes and is a skilled negotiator, his real name and past remains a mystery as he is a clone of the real Leon Kennedy, he works for the highest bidder but prefers working for the justice league and other hero orgainizations like SHIELD and the BSAA, is currently married, has a child on the way and is the leader of a counter terrorist unit.

Weapons: Two black Berretta M92FS Handguns, a G36K Assault Rifle and his super strength.

 *i was going home to my wife and little brother when suddenly i had a stress call  coming from a strange mansion* 

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Name: Macy

Age: 16

Bio: is a kind sweet good with weapons doesn't have a boyfriend and knows how to shape shift

Weapons of choice: bow,sword,gun and TNT

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