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Here is another quick tip for Fixing iMessage, FaceTime and Push notifications without having to totally reset your phone.
There have been some anecdotal reports online that have indicated issues with iMessage on iOS. Below I have a few fixes that may correct the problem. I ran into this personally with one iPad and one iPhone in the last few wee...
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Some people struggle with this and I am not sure why. Here is a step by step guide to getting your movies into iTunes.
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I agree +David Allen iTunes 11 was a UI overhaul. iTunes desperately needs a complete re-write, not a UI overhaul!
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Here is an article I just posted for a quick fix if Netflix App won't open in iOS.
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This category is for OS X Mountain Lion tips!
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iTunes 11 & iWork on Mountain Lion Issues:
I have a client who recently got the newest MacBook Pro which had ML on it out of the box. Got her all set up, ran updates, etc. Her iTunes calls TV Shows "Programmes" and Movies "Films" and I can not figure out how to get it to show the standard US format. I checked in Preferences and also made sure she is connected to the US Store but I can not see anywhere what would cause it to do that! It's not a huge problem, I just want to see what makes it do that.

Second issue is with iWork 09. Prior to this laptop she had purchased iWork on disc and so that's how it had been installed. So, when I set up her new laptop, I just copied over the iWork 09 folder. None of the apps would launch so I did some research which suggested I do a clean install of iWork. So I connected her MBP to mine and shared my DVD drive with hers and did the install that way (new MBP doesn't have optical drive). Next, I followed the instructions for using the Mountain Lion iWork update. Now, the apps launch but iWork files can not be opened.

Another thread in Apple forum suggested doing a clean install with mixed results.

Has anyone experienced this and care to comment?

Thanks very much in advance!!!
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