Could I ask if it's possible to support GIF from Google KB?

DM bug: Tapping "Mark all messages as read" marked them all as unread - not that there is any visual indication of read/unread status on each message (I suggest a color change or badge on unread threads), just the number on the DM tab. Also, with a recent update, each DM I receive gets its own entry on the DM tab, rather than one entry per person/conversation thread. It has made it very clunky and difficult to navigate .

Hi, I'm a new betatester and plume user in general.
Streaming tweets on the timeline, I'm unable to make it work. I have to manually pull down to see the new tweets.

How do I stay with the Twetts that I have not read yet? Thanks

Apologies if this is not really about plume / the beta but is related. Would everyone mind helping me understand how you all use twitter and lists. I admit I probably follow too many people but my interests are wide ranging. I find that my standard feed flows far too quickly to see all of the tweets unless I am constantly monitoring. I have various lists setup but have got in a situation where i dont know which people I follow are on a list and who are not. Do some of you only follow your main contacts and use lists for everything else or do you follow everyone and also add to lists and then ignore the core feed and look at the different lists instead?


View conversation seems to be broken since a few builds. It doesn't load previous tweets, even the ones in the database.

Recently, my primary accounts profile picture shows up blank. My other account picture shows up fine, but not my primary. Of I go to my account page, and click the blank, my profile picture won't load, but it does on my second account. I have logged into a couple other apps, and my profile pic loads in them. Ideas?

After latest beta (6.20) getting random force closes while app is running in background. Reports sent.

Timeline doesn't update reliably with Android N preview build 4. Have been forced to use the Twitter app :(

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Still stand by least the favourites have been changed to likes I suppose
Needs interactions column. This app used to be very good, but clearly development is waning hugely
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