Could I ask if it's possible to support GIF from Google KB? 

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yep just reinstall your apps, and get this issue... please help

get info from +Masta DEyUS the version 6.01 works well. I'll use this version till the dev comeback from vacation. :D

I joined the beta and Plume STOPPED working. It keeps saying I am not authorized and/or it can't authorize me.
I've gone in to Twitter [in a browser] and deauthorized it then tried again with no luck.

I cleared the cache, uninstalled/reinstalled etc and no luck!

I am having to use ubersocial right now. While it's adequate it's nothing compared to Plume ... what can I do?

Also, it never gave me access to the "beta" [at least it never said it was a beta in the play store or the about plume section in the app]

I had also bought plume premium ... so yeah I'd LOVE to have it work again! [I know some others mentioned issues recently, after the latest update, also ... and this started BEFORE twitter crashed on Android yesterday]

If need be, I think I can reinstall and generate a logcat ... [I've only generated/shared a logcat once or twice lol] I just want Plume back!!!!

Plume is totally broken at the moment, and has been for over 24hrs. Nothing is updating.
Seriously. Pathetic. I don't mind beta testing, but if you're going to fuck as around. Well, you can stick it. It seems more often than not your pushing out shit code. Pics not loading, timelines not refreshing, crashing on start up.  And failure to roll back after a shitcode is too slow coming. It looks like you're not even in-house testing before pushing this out.
Frankly, I've had enough. I'm out.

Hi folks, does anyone knows what it means to use a Beta software? Yes, it could have some bugs. And if they were reported to the developers, they try to resolve the bug. But the way to get a solution for the reported bugs isn't straight forward. That's why you don't get a new and bug free version half an hour after reporting the bug.

Be calm, i think the developers will do their very best. And think: Plume is free, they do it just for fun!

Since the update yesterday, my timeline, mentions and direct messages are not updating even when I try to do it manually. I have cleared data and set Plume up again but still the same result. Please fix. 

I'm getting tweet marker timeouts since the last update? anyone else?
i have multiple accounts and multiple devices and I get the message on all of them.

The app pretty much refuses to remember timeline position now. Quite unusable. 

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The beta has been running pretty well for me, but today I noticed it is the top offender for wakeup wake locks, which is really puzzling considering I have notifications disabled and live stream set to Never.

Why is Plume waking my phone up so often even though I have it set to do absolutely nothing in the background?  I've tried wiping the app and setting it back up again, no difference.  Also tried uninstalling and reinstalling with no difference.  

When I press back when looking at a picture or an account Plume suddenly scrolls back to older tweets. Sometimes up to 10 hours... 
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