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Herrmanns-Ferienhaus Zandt, Bay. Wald - Germany

Genießen Sie eine Woche Auszeit - nur für sich.
Sie haben es sich verdient.
Tel. 09552 7603 - Handy: 0177 9103621

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Bayerischer Wald Germany - Ferienhaus zu vermieten -


Mi. 28. Juni - Sa. 8. Juli 2017 - frei - Buchungslücke

CHILLEN - AKKU aufladen - Wandern - zur Ruhe kommen -

Natürlich mit Kind und Hund.
TOBI Indoor-Spielwelt Cham

Genießen Sie in unserem Herrmanns-Ferienhaus Erholung, schöne Wander-, Fahrradwege. Familien , Single, Senioren, mit Opa und Opa verreisen, Bekannte, Freunde, Ihr Haustier - bei - Bay. Wald Germany

Tel. 09552 7603
Handy: 0177 9103621

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The auction in June and July
#Auction #June #July #PersonalCollection #Ring #UnitedStates #Europe #Australia #Europe #America #jewelry #jewellery #Africa #PresidentElection #PresidentialElection #Election2016 #Canada #Millionares #Billionaires #JuneJuly  
Auctioned personal collection of one of the four rings were used during the world champion! (2011 - 2013)
1.  Weight: 12.5 grams
2.  Gold content: 85 - 95% (sign in ring: 23K)
3.  Finger size: 23
4.  Stone: 0,4mg, maybe synthetic stone, eye image dark black and shiny perfect, true color: shiny perfect purple.

Mystical signs:
1.  This is the dream ring:  If used to sleep it will be a beautiful dream but when the last three days of use, I do not get the dream!
2.  resistant to falling because often fall (today only, for taken photographs, more than 4 times fall)
3.  protection against thieves: ever stolen

The offer price auction
Lower limit price auction: USD.660
Upper limit price auction:  USD. 660.000.

Time of auction
Time auctions:  12th June - 20th July 2016

How deals:
1. Buyers can offer auction value via email:;;;  For EASY PLEASE via only
2. The auction winner will be contacted via email.

1. Using the services of a world class delivery
2. Or will be delivered directly to security.

The basic rule:
"I always keep you safe. if there are errors purchase, the auction winner can return in six months. Your money remains safe for 6 months"

Thank you
June 11th, 2016.
Markus Americaeuz

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Willkommen in Chemnitz, Deutschland, 1.15
#Chemnitz   #Deutschland  
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