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It's time for Friday Night (gun) Fights! If you love a little gunplay in your Pathfinder game, you've gotta check out 38 pages of sheer concentrated awesomeness from Team LG with archetypes, feats, magic items, new Gun Talents, and a redesigned alternate version of the class! Plus a richly designed sample NPC to show off some great tricks! Brought to you by Ehn Jolly, Jason Nelson, Clinton J. Boomer, Robert Brookes, and Alex Augunas!

Grab your copy today and have a Legendary weekend!

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Our biggest book EVER for 5E (so far!) is now available in the form of the fantastic Forest Kingdom Campaign Compendium for 5E! Get 368 pages of two-fisted fey and forest content, including character options, spells, magic items, monsters, ready-to-play characters, sample kingdoms, an amazing array of rules for featuring the fey in your campaign, including faerie bargains and relationships and fey-themed intrusions into the mortal world. But wait, it keeps on going, with an awesome addendum on running tournaments, festivals, and competitions from jousting and archery to mundane and magical face-offs! PLUS two complete adventures for 4th and 6th-level characters diving deep into the wild lands beyond the border!

You can get it for Pathfinder as well (that version clocking in at an even more massive 424 pages)!

Whichever version you choose, it is an indispensable accessory for campaigns venturing into the virgin wild or featuring the fey. Pick it up today and Make Your Wilderness Campaign Legendary!

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Just THREE DAYS LEFT to SAVE 90% on over 2000 pages of Pathfinder and 5E products! Sale ends 11:59 PM on November 30th!

- Get 20 5E PDFs for $20, or 40 Pathfinder PDFs for $30 with these two mega-bundles!

- Or get 100+ pages of star-spanning high-level Pathfinder or 5E adventure with Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons, available for both systems!

- Plus, check out a whole new world of adventure for Starfinder RPG with Legendary Worlds: Carsis!
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It's a MIND TYRANT Monday, as we bring you the penultimate installment in the magnificent star-spanning saga of Legendary Planet - Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons by Tim Hitchcock! This 100-page Pathfinder adventure or 118-page 5E adventure can be yours RIGHT NOW, featuring not only a massive adventure for 17th-19th level characters but also tons of new monsters, magic and technological items, planetary lore, advanced vehicle rules, and Chris Jackson's interstellar fiction story too!

We have only one adventure left in this awesome adventure path, To Kill a Star by Jason Nelson, and we are looking forward to closing the book (literally and figuratively) on this project, even as we continue expanding the Legendary Planet universe!

Of course, you don't have to wait until BLACK FRIDAY to save HUGE on Legendary Games products, since you can get not one but TWO awesome Mega-Bundles all month long, until November 30th! Get 20 5E PDFs for just $20, or 40 Pathfinder PDFs for just $30 - or get both and grab over 2000 pages of awesome products for just $50!

Grab them all, and have a legendary week full of thanks for all the great people with whom you share your game!

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As a kid, I was a huge fan of reading books about World War II. I'm sure I read at least a couple hundred of them. My first wife laughed and rolled her eyes years ago when I came upon Samuel Eliot Morison's "The Two-Ocean War" at a bookstore and I excitedly bought a copy, telling her it was one of my favorite books as a kid. My parents were both born during World War II, but I think I was intrigued by the intricacies of tactics, the details of ships and armies, and the politics on both sides. I used to make up simple WW2 games and recreate famous battles, but there was more than just moving around pieces on a map.

One of the things that was interesting about the war was that the stakes were so high, and the scale so vast, that decisions and movements and ideas resonated across the world. You can argue that we treat WW2 with rose-colored glasses, and as in any war there were a lot of terrible things done by a lot of people, and plenty of fault to be found with things on the war front and the home front, but in our shades of gray diffidence we should not forget that there were some very bright lines of division too, things that you either stood for or stood against as a person, as a nation, and as a movement. Caveats aside, Nazism was a bad thing, and in a contest of culture I'll take Liberty as an ideal and a cause every day of the week and twice on Sunday.

Next week is Thanksgiving, and I give thanks that World War II was won, now 73 years ago. The world has become a better place since then. Still plenty more room to grow and improve, but also much to celebrate. You know what would be a good way for YOU to celebrate?

PICK UP OPERATION: NAZI SMASHER, a delightful high-level 5E supers adventure using the Hypercorps system set in the waning days of World War II!!! Punch Hitler in the game, and punch racism in the junk while you're at it!

Thanks to author Mike Myler, cover artist Claudio Pozas, and a host of other contributors for making this book possible. 100% of the proceeds from this charity project goes to organizations like the Southern Poverty Law Center and allied groups carrying on the legacy of the fight for justice and against the racist ideology that was at the heart of the Nazi cause.

If you've got other groups you'd like to support in the fight against racism (or any other -ism), by all means support them too! As Martin Luther King (and Theodore Parker) said, "The arc of the moral universe is long, but it bends toward justice." Discrimination and bigotry have a long legacy, and it takes everyone to add a little push to make sure we keep on going.

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It's a fantastic 5E Friday at Legendary Games!

- Get dozens of new character options from spells and feats to archetypes, druid circles, bard colleges, and more. Perfect for fey frolics and forest explorers in Fey and Forest Classes 5E, like the unicorn charger ranger, greenweaver druid, or Fairy Blessing feat, and win the wilderness!

- The latest chapter in the star-spanning Legendary Planet mega-campaign with Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons - a 118-page 5E adventure (or 100-page Pathfinder adventure) for 17th to 19th level, available everywhere on Monday but RIGHT NOW exclusively at the Legendary Games webstore!

- And, of course, our massive Black Friday Mega-Bundle - 20 5E PDFs for just $20 (and you can get 40 Pathfinder PDFs for $30 too)!

Check it all out at the link below and have a Legendary weekend!
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Fists or Firearms? WHY NOT BOTH?

Legendary Games has made a ton of great class-focused products for heroes, villains, and hybrid classes, and we've got two more coming your way soon!

- Legendary Brawlers is already well along in layout, bringing you tons of great new class options for the masters of all things martial!

- Plus a NEW PREVIEW of Legendary Gunslingers, which just went off to layout today, showing off some of the awesome archetypes and options coming your way!

- Plus don't forget that we are halfway done with the BLACK FRIDAY MEGA-BUNDLES running all month long! Why wait until Thanksgiving; save HUGE today with 20 fantastic 5E PDFs for just $20 and 40 perfect Pathfinder PDFs for just $30! Over 2000 pages of gaming material for just $50 if you buy both!

It's a Legendary week for sure!

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It's a fantastic 5E Friday Festival!

- The resplendent ROYAL TOURNAMENTS for 5E, with 40 pages of festival fun, from classic tournament events like jousting and archery to athletic events, mock battles, tests of skill and social graces, and magnificent magical events! Perfect for heroes who want fame, fortune, and glory for something other than dungeon-crawling and monster-bashing!

- Black Friday comes early with our incredible 20 for 20 II 5E Mega-Bundle, with over 600 pages of 5E monsters, magic, characters, new rules, and 9 complete adventures from 1st to 13th level, covering genres from horror to fey forests, pirates to ancient Egypt, and even sci-fi - JUST $20 all month long!

- Pathfinder players can get in on the action too, with our 30 for 40 Pathfinder Mega-Bundle, with nearly 1400 pages of Pathfinder PDFs for just $30!!!

Grab all three wherever fantastic 5E and Pathfinder products are sold!
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Wait, you mean it's not supposed to be for another three weeks? Well... looks like we're starting it early anyway with our BLACK FRIDAY BUNDLE BONANZA - over 2,000 PAGES of 5E and Pathfinder PDFs for just $50 if you get them both!

- 20 for 20 II 5E Mega-Bundle - $20 for 20 PDFs, over 600 pages of magic items, monsters, spells, feats, character options, new rules, and more, plus NINE complete adventures ranging from 1st to 13th level!

- 30 for 40 Pathfinder Mega-Bundle - $30 for 40 PDFs, nearly 1,400 pages of fantastic Pathfinder PDFs covering all of the above, plus pregenerated characters, and 14 complete adventures!

Get products for nearly every genre, from ancient Egypt to Gothic horror, fairy forests to demon-ravaged wastelands, and from sun-drenched pirate isles to far-off sci-fi worlds of adventure and postapocalyptic badlands! Save HUGE from now until November 30th at all your favorite purveyors for 5E and Pathfinder RPG!

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Friday is Sci-Fi Day at Legendary Games!

- BEHOLD the latest chapter in the Legendary Planet Adventure Path for Starfinder RPG, a 112-page mega-module for 5th to 8th level taking your heroes from a corrupt crossroads planet to a postapocalyptic wasteland world in search of long-lost alien technology! Plus new monsters, technology, magic, archaic vehicles, races and chases, and fantastic fiction! Available NOW everywhere awesome Starfinder stuff is sold!

- COMING SOON, the penultimate chapter in the saga, Mind Tyrants of the Merciless Moons for 5th Edition characters of 17th-18th level as your heroes venture to the spirit-wracked moons of a vast gas giant where a grand general of the Hegemony is massing his forces for a counterstrike to break the back of the Alliance!

- ON SALE, for just $2, the 5-star-seal-of-approval supplement Mythic Monsters 42: Halloween - the perfect collection of macabre monsters and magic plus frightfully festive feats perfect to inject a dose of whimsical horror into your Pathfinder campaign!

Whatever your favorite system check out all the latest from Legendary Games!
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