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I've just created the 'Weird Leads' category. This is for inspirations for creating new mysteries. Share your news clippings and clues here.

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I worked on a Playbook template for myself. Feel free to copy and use.

It uses the following Google Docs fonts which you might have to install: Bangers, Carter One, and Open Sans.

Merge cells where appropriate. And if you'd like a cleaner look, select the tables and set the border to 0 (which I plan to do).

Feedback is appreciated.

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I created a couple of templates for Mysteries, which you're welcome to use and copy. I started with a 3-column layout, but if the text is long, I found it not as easy to scan. So, I created a 2-column layout as well.

I use the following Google fonts, which you might have to install: Bangers, Oswald, Open Sans, Montserrat



Feedback is welcomed.

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BATMANTIS??? is a MotW mystery I've attempted to write based (loosely) on the events of What the Hell Did I Just Read? By David Wong and the universe of the John Dies at the End (JDATE).

I've only listened to AP podcasts of MotW and haven't had a chance to play or Keep myself (I'm working on convincing my D&D group), so I'd love any advice or feedback the community has to offer.

JDATE is a book series featuring equal parts cosmic horror and dark comedy. The first book was also made into a fantastic movie by Don Coscarelli of Phantasm fame. For fans of the series, yes, I’ve taken unforgiveable liberties and cut huge swathes of plot in order create a semi-coherent narrative. Spoilers and BS ahead.

I've posted a couple of items, only to see them disappear or deleted. Is there something I'm missing to post here if I'm a member?

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Great Source of Monster of the Week Mystery ideas!

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Reposting to my circles rather than the City of Mist community I erroneously posted to first:

So. The IGoA with +Richard Rogers , +Alex Prinz and +Julia Nienaber is running another campaign at last and it's going to be Savage World's ETU setting using Monster of the Week rules.

As with a lot of streamed campaigns I've watched recently I've thought about what sort of character I would play (it's becoming a common contest on the Alpha forums of Geek and Sundry to say what character or campaign you'd run in X game/system). To be fair, I likely wouldn't play ETU. I've read the plot point campaign and run it partially so the joy of discovering what's up might not be a thing but still I like to imagine characters.

I'd likely play The Changeling playbook. To tweak I'd say the character was in transition rather than finished emerging and thus not aware yet that she's not human but the unusual features she's already displaying might have brought a suspicion of infidelity and twisted a fragile marriage to divorce which hits the concept that the Changeling has been ostracized from family.

I'd probably go with the following stats:

Ophelia Winston

Woman, Alluring Face, Odd Colorations, Casual Clothes

Charm +1 Cool -1 Sharp +1 Tough +0 Weird +2

Glamour, The Uncorrupted, Nurture over Nature, Inhuman Talent: Dreams

Unknown Heritage: Reputation, Sensory Bombardment, Alienation

Gear: Old pickup truck, baseball bat, journal, childhood toy

The way I'd see it is she's a succubus in development hasn't yet developed wings or other signs yet but her hair has turned a natural lavender and her pupils have a strange shape as well as unusual colored eyes. Her skin is also getting redder as she gets older. She tries to hide this with make-up, contacts and dyes but it's been hard to find dyes that actually stick and contacts that don't fall out (when her glamour is revealed the dyes and make-up sort of evaporate off her hair and skin). Her only supernatural instances are the hyper realistic dreams she has and the way they sometimes seem to belong to other people. Idea being that before they became agents of temptation the succubi were guides in the dreamlands and she's a pure uncorrupted succubi as they were originally intended to be.

If Changeling was barred I'd instead go with the Flake or tweak Sidekick as a way of working toward Changeling.

Hello, and thank you all so much for sharing so many great adventures! I'm brand brand new to MotW, as in still reading the manual, but I loved what I heard on Role Playing Public Radio and wanted to join in the fun.

My question is if anyone has ever done a John Dies at the End themed adventure (it's a fantastic cosmic-comedy-horror book series) - in particular the newest book, What the Hell Did I Just Read seems like a perfect fit for a "BATMANTIS???" themed adventure.

I'll try and put together the outline myself, but if anyone has already done so and willing to share I'd love to see what you've done or talk it through.

Thanks and take care,

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