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Been doing a lot of thinking about how streaming can become a healthy thing for musicians. Typed up some ideas...any thoughts?

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It's like an insane blogging avalanche. More about our summit here:

(And we might not even be done for the week. Postapalooza!)

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Hi there. So we released a new front-end library this week. We're actively building it, but in addition to CASH platform embeds it provides lightboxes for video, playlist audio players, and a whole system for animation based on song/track progress — so complex/immersive players are easy to build with no scripting.

You can check it out here, with demos:

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You can take a look at early sketches from a round of major admin UX revisions we're starting. We've really never had enough time to focus on the user experience in the +CASH Music admin, but it's time to change that.

These sketches show the new approach we're taking on the main page, making it a central piece of the workflow. They also show smarter general interface choices and a bit of the new brand we'll be introducing.

Hi all, just wanted to add at least one post to this community...
I've been following the great projects developed by +CASH Music for quite some time. I started with "tweet4track". Working mainly with African musicians based in Africa, who have limited access to many other platforms, I have great hopes with the new offering, that I intend to use as self-hosted at some point.
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