Car horns echo throughout the busy city, and hundreds of citizens walk the streets, completely unafraid, for they know they are safe. Safe from what? From the unknown. The angels and demons; the magic that courses through the veins of a secret underground community. And that is where our story begins.

This community is named The Eye, because they watch over the helpless. They consist of Angels that fight the demons, and the magically blessed, who fight the other organizations that wish to bring down The Eye. However, in the recent years, the organizations against The Eye have been successful in recruiting or killing those who haven't been found by The Eye, as well as those within The Eye. And so, their numbers have dwindled to no more than a dozen strong. Those dozen have began their hunt for new, stronger member to revive their society, or the citizens will no longer walk the streets safely.

Bradley- shoots the zombie in the head got it
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