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Now we have a dedicated, 24/7 Discord channel if you need to chinwag.

It's for all tabletop but we're blending, baby

Meet Up At PAX? When and where?

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Apologies for simply linking my blog... I'm just trying to keep the conversation in one place rather than scattered across a dozen threads on multiple social media platforms.

Go Play is on in Brisbane in just under three weeks. It's a great day of gaming that's been running since 2008 and almost every time we have another new game or game in development.

Leave a comment if you'd like more details.

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Ugh, I have lost my muse. What do you do to get it back?

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Work on All Things Under Heaven marches on! Working on this game has put me in an interesting position, in that my GM prep for the playtest I'm running is my game design time.

I've got vague notes for a bunch of setting/locations, but the writing of them up into something other GMs can use and their adaptation to the system is happening based on the whims of my players.

And so, since they're currently bumbling around looking for the Cave of the Pangolin God, I present the Almanac entry for the Tuopi Hills!

(+Jeremy Strandberg I borrowed a lot of the format from Stonetop - would love to hear your thoughts).

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For those of you working on your game manuscript, I put together a blog post with some tips that may make things a bit easier for your layout artist when you hand it over to them.

I realised I hadn't seen much discussion about manuscript formatting anywhere. It tends to fall into the category of "stuff the layout artist takes care of", but using certain techniques while composing can help ensure your document ends up formatted the way you intend.

For the layout artists out there, let me know if you prefer things supplied differently, or if you have any tips to add!
I'm working on a few layout projects at the moment, so I've been fielding more than the usual amount of questions about preparing RPG manuscripts for layout. I figured I'd write down some tips for game writers, which turned into quite a long and detailed post.

I'm not saying that everyone with a manuscript needs to format it like this; manuscript pre-processing is something that tends to fall under the purview of layout artists, since they know best how they want stuff. But if you have the time and inclination, using some or all of these tips will probably make your layout artist's job easier, and depending on the size and complexity of your manuscript, it might even earn you a reduced fee (or allow you to avoid some pre-production fees).

As always, though, the best advice is to ask people further along the production chain how they would like you to supply stuff to them.

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I'm still working away on All Things Under Heaven, trying to get it in good shape to release an early-access playtesting version on

In the meantime, as I perform endless micro-edits to playbooks & basic moves based on my home playtesters, I want to start posting some pieces of the game here on G+ for feedback.

To begin, a 1-page game summary. This is designed to simultaneously represent the entirety of "top-level" world information the GM will ever get (there'll be no extensive sweeping histories of past events or carefully spelled-out cosmologies here) and also to be something that can be shown to players to give them an impression of the game and help them work out if it's something they're hype about.

(+Jeremy Strandberg you asked if ATUH stuff was available to view on G+. Your wish is my command!)

Should I swear in my RPG? It's an adult game but it's not necessary hugely but neither is it perhaps necessary to cut them out. Is it worth the effort to be PG? There's a lot of gore and adult themes so far.
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