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Hey everybody! Daniel (D. F. ) Stolle here!
As creator of LDSYAA, I've decided to hold a short story contest.
Genre doesn't matter, all you need to do is open a doc and type up a short story based on the following prompt:

Endeavor into Oblivion

-Maximum word count of 10,000
-Must be in Times New Roman Font, Size 12 (Size 18 for headers)
-Must be submitted by December 31, 11:59pm
-Must include the words "Endeavor into Oblivion" either in the title or in the story
-Must have the author's name under the title
-Entries must be submitted to

To join the contest, email/hangouts me at saying so. Judging will take place during January, and the winner of the contest will be declared before the end of January.

Prizes are yet to be determined, but will likely include art of your characters.

Good luck, and have fun!

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Please leave suggestions if you can!
Needing a boy name-
Caring and protective sounding/related

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Okay guys, I feel the need to tell y'all this. My friend and I have finally figured out how to start our story which will be called Monster Wars and guess what? It's going to be a graphic novel. Where we plan to publish, I won't be posting any of the story here. I may post character designs and talk a little bit about the characters tho. My friend and I hope to have the first bad boi published by the end of the school year. Love y'all and if you're interested in me posting character designs and pictures, let me know in the comments!

I have been having some difficulty with my book intro. Does anyone have any ideas for an opening scene that doesn't involve a big move? I don't want it to be one of those books but can't find any start I like. I keep typing then erasing.

Memoir book idea! Tell me what you think:

*Labeled Insane*

They don’t seem to understand or know what goes on in our heads, be grateful because if they looked inside your mind, they might just have to lock you up too. Like they did to me, the past me of course, but the memories have stuck. The occurrences repeat, but that’s not all bad.

I get to tell you my story with in-depth clarity, a story about a depressed girl medicated to the point where she wasn’t herself anymore. Where she did things that were not okay, but at the time made so much sense because it seemed like the only way out.

This is the story of a girl who ran from an ambulance, broke down a locked facility door, a story about a girl that was dragged and taken down by two huge muscled techs because she didn’t want to be taken away from her parents. This is in fact a story about a girl labeled insane

I need a girl name. Loud and flamboyant, acts without thinking about consequences, impulsive.

Pretender Day

Some say my stomach sticks out a little too much
And apparently my butt is too small to notice
These people just can't stop! They poke & grab; pet & touch
Sadly, they just laugh as I swing & miss

Every day my clothes plain or flashy are worn to impress
Every single detail, I fuss a little too much about
I can't even stand if my hair is a little bit of a mess
But who's there to impress? Just about everyone, including myself, no doubt

Now here strolls along picture day-- mostly just "that dreaded day"
But it's supposed to be my day to shout, protest, and declare!
Parents throwing clothes left & right --- yelling, "Try 'em on! No delay!"
But it's supposed to be my day to choose what I wear!

I don't want to dress "nice" for the frame
I don't want to dress up for you or for them
I wouldn't even dress for some rich and important dame!
What I wear today is for me to condemn

No too tight or too loose
No less casual and more professional
I don't want you yelling, "Whatcha wearing you silly ol' goose?!"
I don't want you telling, "Your clothes are trash, we're going to the mall."

I'm not playing dress up today
Stop trying to be my mirror
I'm not going to wear what you say
I'm done being a pretender

For today.

A poem called Chores

They lecture me on what I haven’t done
But they don’t know they sound like they’re yelling
They don’t know what I did do,

They don’t

They tell me I can’t be alone anymore
But they don’t know in some way I’ll always walk away alone
They don’t know that I distance myself from everything & everyone, they should really (!)

Know that

They tell me to be more responsible & trustworthy
But they don’t know, I was doing my best
They don’t know I don’t trust THEM anymore because they don’t notice...

I’m dying

They tell me I can do what I want when “You’re old enough.”
But they don’t know my mind has already aged past its limit
But they don’t know I’m dying--dying to be kid again and again and..

To tell

They tell me they’re worried for my grades, dropping
But they don’t know I’m risking worse things than just failure
They don’t know it’s my life, health and safety the things that are dropping just not because of


They tell me I should’ve done my chores
. . . I know
But they don’t know...


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At last.
After co-writing, co-directing, co-producing, acting in, and co-editing Duke of Florence, we have finally co-published.
Thanks for doing so much work, +Megan Anderson, and making so many epic characters come to life.
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