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The fist public release of the ICSE 2016 Chair's report can be found at

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Here are the links you need to watch the hangout. The first one

will allow you to interact with me if you have a google account. 

Alternatively you can watch on YouTube at

This link will have a yellow bar across it that says do you want to interact (which if clicked takes you to the other page). 

You can ask questions using the Q&A app which I will try and answer at the end. Please type them as you go.

We have to apologise that it seems we don't know hangouts well enough to get Laurie to join the call as a speaker. 

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For those that missed the presentation here you go

You can probably skip over the first 2 mins where we wait for people to join

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Slide deck describing reviewing process

Here we will describe the process for selecting the papers for the Research Track for ICSE 2016. It is a public community so anyone can interact and ask questions, even though it is primarily of use to the PC and PB members. 

Consider this the goto place for finding out exactly how ICSE 2016's reviewing process will work. You can post questions here and we will also have periodic hangout events where you can ask questions.
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