My battery percentage shows 49% even after being plugged in overnight. Is anyone else having this problem after the Android 9 update? I noticed this half a day earlier but did not think much about it, so it does not seem to be going down either. Did a restart and no difference.

Since my Pixel received Android 9 The 'Hear out going message Sounds' switch under settings appears to not appear to be working. Either if it selected on or off out going messages sounds.

About ready to switch back to the big Red Machine.... I don't think T-Mobile nor Sprint has strong coverage here, and every time I make a call, it's always twice. First time, never rings, just hangs up. Second time it usually works. I know this is still a new service, but after 2 years of dealing with call issues, I think its almost time to switch back.

Is anyone else having this trouble? I had the issues with my Nexus 6 and now my Pixel 2. I was hoping the Pie update would fix it, but still no luck.

This probably has come up in the past but since we all can use Hangouts for SMS on Fi, is it better to send SMS messages through my phone instead of Hangouts messages (since SMS does not use data)?

The new apparent Fi affinity for TMobile is a degradation. Wonder what it means. In the past 10 days or so, my X4 defaults to TMobile rather than Sprint. TMobile has upgraded to 700 MHz., and the new Band 12 signal now works at my house even though it's not line-of-sight, not even grazing. The Sprint Band 25 signal is line-of-sight and stronger plus covers my whole local area.

Problem is I have a hillside house where wisps of TMobile's Band 12 signal now work - but barely. The TMob signal is -112 dbm 28 ASU in the house while Sprint is -103 dbm 37 ASU. For openers, why would the Fi system deliberately default to the crappier signal every day? What happened to AI? I thought it would auto-default to the best signal in principle.

Big problem is that when I go down from the house to the street on foot and walk around, the TMob signal drops to -124 dbm 16 ASU and is unusable. Phone says "No data service", and if I stand there for 5 minutes, Fi never switches to the perfectly usable Sprint signal. So now I FiSwitch daily and offer feedback through the Fi app. The Fi system never gets the message that its default choice is unusable. AI?

I'm a beta type of guy always testing and reviewing devices in one context or another, so Fi works for me OK overall, and I love going to Canada seamlessly and getting easy service there. In fact, it works terrific in Canada, just not where I live 40 miles from Google HQ in California. I'm OK, but I've said in occasional surveys that I could never recommend Fi as I experience it to my more conventional friends, and I don't.

I can't send or receive MMS. Anyone else?

I hate T-Mobile with a passion. Why do they hold on to updates?not even Verizon does that anymore. Google really needs to do something about that. I don't care if they are the main carrier for project Fi. This is rediculous.

anybody have a project fi referral code?

Can Project Fi members answer calls on a Google Home? If not we should be able to :P

Hi Project Fi fans! I thought I'd itemize the things I actually want in a phone, as opposed to whatever the current marketing wonks serve up. Anyone know if there's a current model, or one in the pipeline, that has the features I want? Thanks.

full Project Fi functionality
removable battery
wireless recharging
headphone jack
removable data storage chip
twin stereo speakers on front
fingerprint sensor for unlock
flash camera
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