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Hey Marcus -

Great video! I just posted mine on canvas and will post here. I also posted time timeline on Facebook, Evernote and here. 

Happy Holidays

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My video on YouTube - speaking on the Digital Humanities Page.

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Hey Marcus -

I posted the below for both of us since the final version of our project was due. I also put this on Evernote as well. 

Hello Class- 

Marcus and I were able to add a lot to our timeline for his novel "Cerulean World". Please take a look and let us know what you think. Also, if there is something you would like to add, you can. The timeline not only gives reference to his characters, but also cultural, historical, and geographical events as well. (Links to an external site.)


Jon Wilson 

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Cerulean World Myth
A Digital Humanities Project by Marcus Garcia and John Wilson
Paper by: Marcus Garcia

“This page is based on the novel: Cerulean World. The page offers biographies and historical references on the characters and their tribes.  Historical events within the timeline of the Cerulean World's chronology can be added. Filling in historical and educational factors within the fictional world.”

The Google Plus page contains fictional content, from the fantasy novel: Cerulean World.  The novel’s theme is how to survive within a culture that is already separated and you have no awareness of who you are, as of yet, to identify with any of the Cerulean tribes. 

The ensemble of characters are portrayed in biography pictures, with a brief synopsis of their origins and powers.  
Ayel: The new Taino god. 
Waleska: The Earthflower fairy
Lazaro: The Spaniard vampire and sorcerer
Sel: The faun
Karla: The witch
Tavina: The Roman vampire queen

Each character stems from a specific historic time.  Discerning the Ceruleans existence from the age of the eldest vampire: Tavina, who became an immortal in 42 A.D. to Ayel, who is a new breed of Cerulean in present time. 

The chronology of Cerulean World is recorded on a timeline, where true historical moments are inserted, granting the user of the digital project interaction to add their own historical reference. 
Moreover, the humanities page invites viewers who appreciate fantasy or comic book-like characters with an origin based on a true event.  A mashup of fact and fiction, a method to entice G+ page visitors to read, research and add to the page and timeline.  

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Hey Professor and Marcus-
Per our conversation the other day, Marcus and I wanted to highlight what we have pending for our project which we both will post on Canvas and Evernote. Also, can you please confirm that you are seeing what we are posting on Evernote or even on Google+ since neither of us have heard from you on either? Thank you
Marcus – Can you review the below and let me know if there is anything we are missing?
Timeline pending goals:
1)      Add Waleska to timeline (midway point)
2)      Add a few Geographical and historical entry points as starters for others
3)      Share Beta timeline with core group to have them add other historical and geographical information.
4)      Get feedback from contributors (written or video)
5)      Make any edits needed for the timeline
6)      Share with open audience
Problems and or Challenges:
1)      Functionality (will this be easily accessible for guest (creating login, using tools?)
2)      Getting feedback from content providers on what does and doesn’t work.
3)      Promoting the timeline (Facebook, Google Plus, Website for the book, The Blurb)

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Hello Marcus and Professor -

I was able to get a timeline up and running but in order for me to share with you both, you will need to create an account on the website. With that said, here is a link to the site and once you both have signed up, please let me know and I will give you access to the Cerulean World timeline.



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Here is the timeline - Let me know if you can see.
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