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As auto vera does not read the Mode status I'm using a work around to display the status on my phone. This way I can check vera is in the right mode whenever I look at phone. I'm using avnewstatus variable to change the icon, however this means if I accidentally click the icon on my home screen it reads incorrectly as it runs the task but there is no new icon (so in my case it defaults to away status). Is there a variable I can use from vera that will instead check the actual status and update when things change instead of avnewstatus? Either that or is there a way to make the icons on my home screen so they are display only and don't perform a task when pressed?. Images below showing how it looks. 
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I've been using Autovera for quite a long time but have only really been using it for a couple of simple things.  Having spent the last two days integrating it much deeper into my wall mounted tablets so that all icons show the current "live" status of devices and single icons become toggles, I wanted to just say what a really fantastic and power app this is. 

The only thing missing is the home / away status reading, but hopefully that will come one day.  

Really great work by a talented and hardworking developer.  Thankyou. 

Is there a way for autovera to see the mode status in ui7?. Would,be great if it was possible to monitor home / away etc. 

I have a veralite and I have a Aeon Labs Z-Wave Plus Magnetic Door paired with it.  There are times when the door sensor is tripped, I see it on home.vera site right away but it can take 5 minutes or more to be sent to my tablet.  Other times it is sent within a few seconds.  The door sensor is a z-wave plus device.

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I wonder if someone can help me; I'm trying to get AutoVera working with UI7 but do not seem to be receiving status updates. (I've refreshed, re-added and toggled the bells many times!) Nothing is listed in AutoVera's logs when I toggle a device from Vera, although I can control devices from AutoVera. I also tried loading the Lua code at this link:

Hello! I bought an AutoVera unlock key a while ago. Went to install it on another device and it wants me to pay again. I don't remember this being the normal process. Shouldn't I be able to download it as many times as I want?

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Just Upgraded to UI7 from UI5 and when trying to refresh my veras on Autovera receiving the following errors:

Vera Data Exchange - 2015-07-03 18:02:51.503 - Inserted 0 UI5 veras
No Category - 2015-07-03 18:02:51.498 - Inserted 0 UI5 veras
No Category - 2015-07-03 18:02:51.495 - No lusData for device. Is not UI5
URL - 2015-07-03 18:02:51.023 -*****/*****/35016990/data_request?id=lu_sdata&output_format=json
No Category - 2015-07-03 18:02:51.012 - Checking if Vera is really a UI5 vera
No Category - 2015-07-03 18:02:50.901 - Got 1 UI5 Veras.
URL - 2015-07-03 18:02:48.212 -*****
No Category - 2015-07-03 18:02:48.205 - Getting UI5 Veras...
No Category - 2015-07-03 18:02:47.496 - Getting UI7 Veras...
Vera Data Exchange - 2015-07-03 18:02:47.485 - Deleted 0 veras before refreshing

Finally got around to using this plugin.  Super useful!

Using a single tasker profile, you can voice control any scene or device.

- Setup an autovoice recognize event with the command:
vera please (?<scene>.+)

- then enable regex.  the command will look like
vera please (?<scene>.+) (regex)

- add a autovera plugin "scenes" task, under advanced, put "%scene" as the scene name

and that's it.

To activate this, say "okay google, vera please <scene name>" and it should execute.

Pretty easy to extend it to also respond to "vera turn on/off <light>" and "vera lock/unlock <device>".

Thanks +João Dias!

Things are not going well with AutoVera...  After installing AutoVera from the Mios store on my Vera Edge (1.7.1181) the device looked really odd, nothing like my other devices.  Control was empty as were a couple other headings.  Went to my phone to install the free and paid app.  Nothing would populate until I turned off wifi.  (Does this need to be run with wifi off?)  Even then the devices and scenes didn't look quite right.  Went back to the Vera console and the AutoVera app was nowhere to be found, at least not under Devices.  The only place I can locate it is under My Apps.  It shows   There, it shows app ID 4086 and version 1.12.  Using the device ID link on that page it takes me to the device page with...  nothing, except Device Name and Assigned to Room.  Oh, and the Delete Device trash can.

So far, I've paid for an android app that can't do anything.  I don't want a refund of that trivial amount.  I'd like a working app.  Does it sound like I've done any part of the installations wrong or anything else wrong?  I hope so and that someone can set me right.  Sorry for the long post.

I'm a new Vera user and am looking for AutoVera docs.  Any ideas?  Several places refer to but that returns a Server Not Found.
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