Hi João, do you plan to update AutoWear?

Unfortunately, many things in AutoWear do not work for me. Like Secure Settings, Always-On Display toggle, DISCONNECTED event and other things I do not remember now. I think the only thing that has always worked well for me is the complications (Btw my wear device is a ASUS ZenWatch 2).

I would be very grateful if you tried fix Secure Settings, this seems to be very useful but I have not yet been able to use it.

And a feature request: add "find" feature to AutoWear equal to what Tasker has to easily find a custom setting from my phone

Could we have a version of forced screen off compatibility with finger print unlock. I would like to turn screen off even if there is thing touching the screen. Like Gravity Screen on /off by Plenor, open Delay Lock menu, select alternative Proximity method

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Is it possible to implement Enable/Disable accessibility per app.
I know that Autotools Secure setting can enable/disable accessibility service but it should select all of service that need to be enable/disable but Secure setting (old tasker plugin) can do that.

Please see screenshot.

Best regards,
Watcharin L.

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Can you add an option to stop this popping up tried both ok and cancel ok says its not available on this device and cancel er cancels the dialog lol but it always pops up again when I try to use an action.

As far as im aware there is no doze on Android TV

joao, could you please consider supporting ftp, smb, or webDAV unloading and downloading?
(cause chinese main land normally couldn't use google drive ≥﹏≤ )

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Hi. Any ideas how do I check what's causing these errors?

My feature request would be to make these popups more user-readable. Instead of raw log, let users know which profile/task/action is having problem.

+João Dias
I have a project with which I query the currently playing song on spotify and insert it into my library.
I currently do this with autonotification. Most of the time I play my music with spotify connect on the raspberry and the app on the smartphone is closed, so autonotification does not work. Is it possible to add the current plying song function to the AutoWeb spotify webservice?

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+João Dias Can you add an option to deal with the situation that there is already a file which has the same name in the destination directory? such as overwrite, skip, rename, etc
for action copy file and move file.

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For classifying, I've got too many projects at the bottom, and it's a long list to roll now. So could Tasker please do something to make managing bunch of projectes easier? such as scroll up from the bottom can arrange or choose projects in a grid form.

Tasker can detect the foreground APP to run tasks, but is there a way to detect the foreground activity as a state?
( Shell code in not suitable for this usage. )
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