Where to get fsintents plugin?

I recall seeing some people talk about Kodi in this group, so I figured my questions might be worth asking here. What sorts of tasks do you do with Tasker (and any of the Auto Apps) and Kodi?

Follow-up question, does anyone know if there's a way via some api to search all of your kodi add-ons to see if a show or movie is available for streaming? I ask because it would be great to create a task using AutoVoice and Alexa to see if something is available and being able to tell her to turn on Kodi, so you could watch it. 


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Writing the tutorial now..It works.
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AutoWear: Non-square floating icons aren't shown correctly anymore:

- If I use a round icon and set it to 32x64 and select "Strech to dimensions" I just get a cut oval, shifted by 50% to the bottom.

- If I use a fully white 32x96 icon with the correct dimensions I only get a 32x32 square, shifted to the bottom.

I've successfully used a thin icon on the right screen edge about a year ago on my G Watch. Now I wanted the same on my SW3, so far without success.

+João Dias It would be nice if you could look into this.

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Need some help to open an URL 

Can I use AutoTools for take a picture If the password of my device was typed wrong such a number of times?

I use "Secure Settings" for does it and "Email Me Pro" for send the picture to my email.
But, both applications have been abandoned, will not be updated.

Gostaria de saber porque aquele profiles do Marcelo, sobrecarga leitura do WhatsApp , não dá certo e porque não arrumam.

Hello, I want to unlock secure setting in autotools but I have an error message in adb
* Daemon not running. Starting it now on port 5037 *
* Daemon started successfully *
Error: no devices / emulators found

An idea thank you again


I am a iphone user. However i have android tablet being used as a control panel for my smartthings. I am sharing youtube URL from iphone with my android tablet using pushbullet and through tasker trying to catch URL and use autocast to play on my google home.

When i tried my android tablet with autoshare, it worked perfectly. However when i try from pushbullet it doesn't work.

I noted that autoshare get shortened URL for the video whereas when i share it from iphone it shares full URL

Any ideas how to achieve it through IPHONE
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