Hi Guys, I had purchased AutoInput a long time back and it was working fine. Recently I started facing issue that it reports I haven't purchased the app. There's an option to get Full Version in AutoInput which takes me to AutoApps but there it says that I've already purchased the app. Clicking on OK gives me a toast.. - 1005 User Cancelled.. Any help on this? Any way I can capture some logs? Note that I'm rooted with Magisk and on a Custom Pie ROM.

Add : Screenshot here : https://imgur.com/a/MM8DbKB

I thought i would bring out my old phone for this project. What i have in mind is that when i use one device to run a task it sends a message to the other one announcing the running task so that it can act accordingly. After setting up autoremote for both devices, i ran a test to make sure they were both communicating with each other. I found that they are communicating, they just take too long in doing so. From device A to device B takes up to 6 seconds (same result for BT and WIFI), and from device B to device A takes 17 seconds.

I'm just wondering if this is normal, and how to shorten the response time between the 2 devices.

I have 2 devices that have the same personal url and I cannot figure out how to change them... I have reinstalled AutoRemote on both devices a couple of times, disabled and re-enabled AutoRemote and still no dice. Is there a way to fix this?

Thanks in advance for any help.

Hey all.

I a trying to convert one date format to another using AutoTools and just can't figure it out.

I would like to take this date format :


And convert it to something like this :

Wed Nov 12, 2014

(Or similar, with or without punctuation)

Wed. Nov. 12, 2014

Just trying to flash and store a more friendly version of the airdate of episodes showing on Kodi.

According to the help, this should be a format that AT can read/work with.

EEE, MMM d, ''yy

I tried this as well :

EEE, MMM d, yyyy

I get nothing populating the variable. What might I be missing in this AT action? Never worked with the date function in AT before.

Thanks for any advice

I want to connect Join and EventGhost. I searched for it and got to know that AutoRemote plugin cannot be used but couldn't find any other way. How should I do it? Thanks.

Hey all just got a tic watch E while it was on sale. ta Ian for recommending wear is over a stand alone. I Couldn't find autowear discussion but this auto voice situation to. I've noticed on the wear voice screen it seems to add a . at the end so some auto voice commands don't pick up.
eg close all adds close all. so isn't recognised . I have added the . on my commands but if possible joaom may be worth looking into removing the . maybe others have the same issue.
also wear related sorry is there a way of getting the watch to send autoremote or join commands to an unattached device. eg if the tethered device battery goes still command other devices . the watch is still connected to the home WiFi . please any help would be appreciated

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I always get these errors continuously and can't figure them out. I looked for greenify and Samsung's battery optimization but i know i didn't added to optimize or hibernate it and it is not happening when the phone screens turn on it happens when normal use and then suddenly get this errors continuously and i have to disable tasker or enter the tasker to stop these errors. So i am looking for help.By the way it happens for a week.
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I have AutoRemote installed on two devices and use IFTTT to manage some Google Assistant commands. Is there a way to have an IFTTT recipe send the command to both devices?

If I have Join do I need AutoRemote? What are the advantages of AutoRemote over Join?

Vorrei inviare dati da Arduino a tasker.
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