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For all the German users out there: AutoVoice featured in!

Check it out! :)

Hi, I posted about this on the Join forum a week ago but since it's a Tasker related issue as well, I'll add it here in case someone has this issue but doesn't realise that Join is seemingly causing the problem.

Join is slowing Tasker when phone reception is poor.

I've been staying at a friend's place on many weekends for nearly a year, and phone reception is poor (no Wifi at the house) - 0, 1 and 2 bars out of 4. Sometimes 3 bars if I'm on the patio upstairs, and I've spent many hours writing Tasker functions, no problem, until I recently installed Join.

On the first weekend away at my friend's place after installing Join I noticed while writing Tasks that the scrolling in Tasker was jerky, every button press and action was slow, to the point it became impossible to continue. It was very frustrating. All other Apps and phone functions ran at the usual fast speed ok.

When I returned home - to my Wifi and good data phone reception of 3 to 4 bars - Tasker was back to normal, running fast, scrolling was smooth and fast, and responses to button presses very fast etc., I realised Join was the problem somehow.

The next weekend I visited my friend's house and once again Tasker slowed to a crawl - disappointing because I wanted to work on a Tasker project. I tried changing every setting that might have any influence, but nothing helped, so I uninstalled Join, and the problem was solved - Tasker and its tasks resumed running at full speed - fast scrolling a task, opening and closing tasks and functions/plugins, all good.

Then I realised the data connection / poor reception was causing an issue with Join/Tasker so I re-installed Join, and when Tasker stopped responding properly I turned off Data, (and no Wifi) and Tasker and running tasks then sped up within 30 seconds or so and ran at full speed. So when I wanted to write Tasks I had to turn off the network, no reception at all.

The problem is related to Join, Tasker and poor network reception. I can recreate the problem anytime at my friend's place - turn off the poor Data connection and Tasker runs at full speed - turn on Data then Tasker is impossible to use if Join is installed.

Any thoughts / ideas on what the issue could be?


Phone: Samsung S5 on Android 6.

Are AutoMail and AutoCalender only available through subscription? I really would like to try them out. OR will they go into Beta soon?

I am trying to read calendar events for a whole day from a specific calendar. I can loop and compare but I think AutoCalendar would do it much cleaner.

I am trying to send emails via gmail. But the AutoWeb Gmail API does not have any "send" actions.

+João Dias

How do I request an app to have a plug in. I would like speakpic to have tasker plus ins . This would be fantastic for Ai projects and has a good text to speak engine . Would be nice maybe to be able to play them in scenes or desktop wallpaper . Any help would be appreciated

How to use authentication dialogue properly for app lock!!!

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I have an idea. To make the gesture part easy, maybe we can request that we record our own gestures instead of having to manually input them?? I was just trying to create something and can't even get past this part. i don't know how far down I'm going to go or in which direction, so this is impossible... even with that descriptor option selected.

I am trying to setup a profile that will put my phone into airplane mode when the screen is off. But when I use either Taskers Custom settings or Autotools Secure settings features airplane mode shows as on but Bluetooth is the only radio that gets turned off. But when I manually change airplane mode all the radios get turned off.

Is this a bug or is it one of those "may not work with your phone" deals?

Pixel OG
Android P Beta 3 (DP4)
Latest tasker beta

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Hi, this error has out when I try to send sms.

Is it possible that Scenes stay in Recents?

Good evening. I created scenes with a tasker, I started the scenes as an activity, a full window without a bar, but the scene covered the status bar. How can I solve? I would like to automatically change the aspect ratio depending on the resolution of the smartphone in use. I'm trying to make an application.
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