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New AutoNotification release:

All of the beta features now available for everyone. Highlights:

- AutoNotification Tables: create tables in your notification tray! Tutorial:

- AutoNotification Block by title and text: fine-tune your notifications to only allow the ones you really want to show up. Also replace notification with your own customized versions! Tutorial:

Enjoy! :)



I would like to know if the Spotify API from AutoWeb can help my open a specific playlist and play it in random mode. Right now I do this by sending an intent to Spotify that opens the playlist and plays it in "random" mode, but the problem is that the first song played is always the first song of the playlist, so I also have to send a "next" action with Autoshare to make the playback really random.

Thanks in advance!

I have created a few tasks that I use on my watches - LG G Watch R and Huawei v1 - that allow me to increase/decrease brightness by tapping on the face of the watch. I have also created tasks that, when the stopwatch is started, the watch is placed in a 'always on' mode until the stopwatch is reset, at which point a 'always on disable' is activated. These all require that the watch have communication with the phone to work. If the watch can't see the phone, none of them work. Is there some way of getting these tasks to work independent of the phone? Could they be loaded to the watch? Is there another app or plugin for Tasker that will enable this? I am running AW2.0.

Hi! Can someone tell me how I can use long press of headset buttom? I can find nothing about it!

Hello everybody. It seems to me that everyone on here is way more advanced than I am so I am either in the right place or the wrong place. I downloaded and installed AutoVoice. It seems pretty cool. Now what I want to know is if I leave Google as my assistant does AutoVoice so anything? It says it intercepts Google (or something like that). If I make AutoVoice my assistant do I have to go into Tasker and set up every command I will ever use? i.e. Text wife using WhatsApp, or search for, "How to Use AutoVoice", or Call Dad, etc. Or is there a set of commands that I can enter that will decipher what I want. I tried putting AutoVoice as my assistant and it just said something like it recieved my command to do what I asked. Great, now what? LOL! I looked in YouTube for some videos but didn't really find anything and the ones I did find are old. I find with the old videos they don't always match up to what I'm looking for. Sorry to be so long winded but I wanted to be thorough. Any help or guidance will be greatly appreciated. Hopefully I will hear back from someone. LOL! 

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Does anyone know how can I emulate the enter button to accept the password?

I tried with Autoimput key (enter) and didn't work.
Any idea... 

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Hey, I have problem with my AN.
When I select notification icon (PNG file), icon don't work.
I'm selecting using AN dialog when clicking on "local image" or something like that.
path is correct, permissions granted
What's wrong? (on the status bar is that icon)

I have an issue with autoinput that tooks me 12 hours yesterday and I can't solve it myself.

I have an app called "DS Camera" from Synology. It's a surveillance camera app.

All I want to do is launch that app with tasker, wait 15 seconds and click on a certain point using autoinput.

Launch DS Cam
Wait 15 seconds
autoinput point 640,280

What happens is: Launch OK. Wait ok (a small clock appears in system bar) and then nothing happens. But when I kill DS Camera (or do smth within DS Camera) the click occurs.

It's like Tasker (or autoinput) freezes until I do something.

That does NOT happen when DS Camera is already running. When I manually launch it and

Wait 15 seconds
autoinput click point x,x

it works. I know that sounds strange and it really drove me crazy.

Help is really appreciated.


Hi everybody, I need help about Tasker and the AutoAlarm plugin. I would like that Tasker says the time (hour and minutes) of the next alarm. In tasker i have set Speech - text "The next alarm is %hour %minute". But the phone says the phrase as it is, with the variable name instead of the value.
What's wrong?
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