Well, fun fact for anyone wanting to know:

In Barbie Princess Charm School, the day of the car crash was April 26th, 1993, and the day of Delancy's coronation was June 10th, 2011. Wow, only missed it by 13 days! ;)

Good movie to watch if you haven't seen it in a while. ;)

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Wow! I hadn't noticed how long it was since I've posted something in here... Well, I am still active, so just hit that "ask to join" button now if you love Barbie! :D

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Some picture of Barbie movies. :)
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Have you watched a Barbie movie lately? No? Well pop one in to your DVD player and relax! :)

Anything to share?

I hope y'all enjoy this fan club! If you have any questions, just comment. :)
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