Looking for Kirkpatrick in Elbert, GA area early 19th century . John W. Kirkpatrick and Liddy Hall were married in Elbert in 1835. Later moved to Newton County. They may have been from South Carolina.

I am researching the Terry family in Habersham & Murray County, Georgia from 1826-1871. Lewis Terry 1770-1851=>Duncan Terry 1812-1861=>Duncan Lafayette Terry 1851-1920. My Terrys migrated from Virginia where Lewis was born to Pendleton, South Carolina, to Georgia, Arkansas then Oklahoma. Specifically, I am looking for Duncan’s wife Wyzetta no maiden name. This is my challenge right now. Wyzetta born SC abt 1817 as Duncan was. I have not found her death date or place. Last found in the records in Murray county, GA in 1872 selling farm and moving with sons and daughters to Arkansas.

I have DNA tested on Family Tree DNA, ancestry & 23&me. My family tree on ancestry is Terrys of SC, GA, AR, OK (1). Thanks for any help!

I am looking for any information I can get on the Loving, Lovings,
Lovins surname in Georgia. I have dna links to Charles Benjamin Loving and his son. The only information I have been able to find is a census that says his parents were born in Georgia. Charles was born in Missouri around 1850. Various online trees list his father as James carroll loving but dates and locations don't work. He would have to have left Georgia prior to 1850. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

There is a book in Google books called Memoirs of Georgia, published in 1895 that was a tremendous help with my maternal grandmother's family. Has a lot of info separated by county.

Hello I am looking for information on Henry Tomme circa 1779.

Hi I looking for any information on my Grandfather's family his name was William M. Oglesby from Elbert County Georgia also my Grandmother's Family her name was Saphroni Brawner, her father's name was King, born January 1845, any information would be helpful and thanks for adding me to the group

Hi, I am looking for information on my great grandparents from St Marys Ga. They were John H Morrison and Charlotte Morrison. My grandmother was Mary Morrison, but in a census was listed as Marion, she had a brother David. Johns parents were George Morrison and Susanna Wright. My grandmother's father is buried in Savannah but we have no idea what happen to her mother Charlotte or brother David. If anyone out there recognizes the surname from Camden co. Please contact me

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My 3rd great-grandfather, Baldwin Gray, lived in Georgia all his life. Born in 1801 in Greene county and later Houston County. There are 2 marriage certificates one to Rachael Gilmore and the second to Alleasen Murphy. My 2nd great-grandfather, his son, Henry Thomas Gray has Baldwin listed on his death certificate. That is all the documentation I can find for Baldwin Gray. Does anyone have any more information on Baldwin Gray. Some Ancestry.com trees show Baldwin as being Thomas Baldwin Gray, son of James and Mary Gray, but there's no documentation.

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confirmation of residence of great-grandfather George Appling Dame and wife Sarah Thigpen Dame in Montgomery county, Georgia, during the War Between the States
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