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Google Calendar as a tool to organize and communicate with students and parents.
By the end of this module:
-Users will view their calendar in different views
-Users will create an event and invite a colleague
-Users will share create a class calendar and share it with a colleague
-Use the Drag feature to create an event on their class calendar

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Google Classroom to deliver content and receive assignments.
By the end of this module:
-Users will create a Classroom
-Users will add an "Announcement" with an attachment
-Users will add an "Assignment" with an attachment 
-Users will join a colleague's classroom
-Users will comment on a colleague's announcement or assignment
-Users will "Turn in a Assignment" in a colleague's classroom

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Google Drive to organize files and share seamlessly with colleagues, students, Classroom and Calendar.
By the end of this module:
-Users will Create, Rename and Share a Folder in Google Drive.
-Users will Create a Document and Rename it in their Shared Folder.
-Users will add and modify some text in their shared document.
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