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My friend made this for me

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Hi I'm new to this community

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Is still anyone active here? It seems that the group is dead. :(

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:) Sayaka (its mine)

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(This is chapter 1 about Zero's story. There was no story button, so I posted it in discussion. If it's wrong, please take it to the correct! Thanks!)
CHAPTER 1: Beginnings

Why do you want me to come back to the world?
"I can feel it... You are able to become something great..."
Something great? Who are you?
"You will know soon enough..."
(darkness fades away.)

Zero wakes up on the ground, having headaches.
Ow... What happenend?
He stands up and looks around. He sees great buildings and big towers.
Where the hell am I? Is this... the earth? I can remember that I was on the ruins of our palace, until my brothers came, attempting to kill me... Then an golden explosion came and then... I was in the Afterlife. Now I am here..
Isn't this the planet of those... powerful beings? Maybe I should check out...
Zero walks through the city. It begins to rain heavily. An breeze filled the air.
Why can't I fly? Did I lose my powers?
He tries to teleport and to his suprise, it works.
I can't fly, but I can teleport. Hmm...maybe I should first look if I can get my powers back..
He then looks down and was shocked. His look was changed.
Fine. And my power of shiftshaping is there too...
He changes back to an boy.
Hmm, both of this will come in handy..
From an distance, someone watches him.
"Who is this...? I never saw him around... And why he can teleport..? Only we should be able to get powers, but...Maybe I should ask him..?"

Yes, this is the beginning of my teased fanfiction. This is the beginning of Zero, an fan-character of mine.
He will meet them soon enough.
Who is "them"?
The Puella Magi.

Yes, my teased Puella Magi Madoka Magica fanfiction. But we have to see how the story evolves. Another character but with an little twist. I mean, he has the power to change his shape. He can be boy or girl as he wants.

Chapter 2 is coming later.

(Its empty here. Time for an change)
(Zero sits alone in a cafè, drinking hot choclate, thinking)
(Its your turn.)

I think its finally time to tell you who I am.

My Name...I can't really remember. I call myself "Zero". I don't know.
I am Genderless. So I can do what I want, I think...
I am neither Robot or human. I was an demigod in my past life...until Tragedy struck. I lived in a palace, with my mother, my sister and my two brothers. But one day, my brothers betrayed us for an greater evil. My entire family burned into hellfire, thanks to my brothers. I was the only one who was alive. Later, I learned about an great power, given to human girls by an race named "Incubators", turning them into "Puella Magi". But they had an sad ending, every one of them. I wondered why... 5 years later, my brothers found me. They wanted to kill me and almost succeeded in doing so, but before I died, I released my strongest attack, which kills everything in an 50m radius, inculding me and my brothers. In the Afterlife, I saw an light. An voice telled me that I had the ability to become something great. She granted me an rebirth. As I woke up, I found myself on the Earth - the place of the Puella Magi. What about my brothers, you might ask ..Their hearts were darker as an dark night. They remained in the Afterlife. I can change shape. Because of that, I was on my way to find an puella magi, or at least an Incubator, in the hope I could save my family (expect from my brothers) from this horrible end. Like I said, i can switch shape between an boy and a girl like I want. I also can teleport.
I am an little bit interested in video games.
My boy apperance is following: Short teal hear, wearing an normal jeans, gray jacket, teal eyes. My girl apperance isn't changed that much...My hair is a bit longer. My voice is changed too, don't worry.
Oh...I know what happens when I seal the contract and after that, but you know....I don't care.

So...I hope you understand why I have chosen this way.
I hopefully wish to save my family.

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