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"Victor Davis Hanson is an American classicist, military historian, columnist, and farmer. He has been a commentator for National Review, The Washington Times and other media outlets. He is a professor emeritus of classics at California State University, Fresno, and is currently the Martin and Illie Anderson Senior Fellow in classics and military history at Stanford University's Hoover Institution."

"In this clip, he talks about how mass immigration always leads to instability. Full interview, from Oct, 2016, quoted under fair use:"

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Wake Up Idiots!

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Tommy Robinson update-Two Years In Prison For Stating Facts.

Absolutely Kafkaesque!

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"Earn this. . . . "
So sad that we have not. Our grandfathers sacrifices have gone for naught...

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News Education

Saturday 22 September 2018

Trinity lecturer and barrister denies jibe at Muslim student

Katherine Donnelly

September 21 2018 2:30 AM

A law lecturer, whose first class in Trinity College Dublin ended in controversy and is under investigation by the college, insists that it was a case of "crossed wires".

Comments made by barrister Brendan Guildea during an introductory intellectual property law lecture were called into question by students.

Trinity's student newspaper 'University Times' quoted a student as alleging certain comments made by Mr Guildea represented a "very clear and targeted jibe" towards a Muslim student.

A second class due to take place last Friday was postponed. Neither Trinity nor Mr Guildea would comment on the future status of his classes.

Trinity said the university was continuing to investigate the matter and was currently examining its options.

The barrister told the Irish Independent: "I don't want to comment on anything if there is a process. I am new to the college and don't know how it works"

Mr Guildea said that, in the course of the lecture, he was seeking to know what the students understood about intellectual property law.


It included discussion around certain items, one of which was a cable for an iPhone, proffered by a lady wearing a headscarf who, when he asked where she got it, she replied "Afghanistan". According to 'University Times', the student was born in Dublin.

Mr Guildea said in the context of intellectual property law, the fact that the cable crossed international borders was significant. A point he was making was that "importing and exporting is an issue". He said he "wasn't making any political point".

He said he later held up an Irish legal text and asked could anyone identify the book: "Loads of people recognised it but because there were Erasmus students there, I didn't want to put pressure on them. I told them I didn't expect them to get it right if they were not from Ireland."

He said he could "not have been standing further from the students when he was asking these questions" and that "no reasonable person could interpret that as my making a jibe at this young lady", who was "on the opposite side of the room". Mr Guildea said he lectured in Griffith College, Dublin, and had given lectures for the Law Society, and was "well used to talking to diverse groups of students".

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The Jihadist Psychopath’s Plantation

Jamie Glazov's new book reveals how the Jihadist Psychopath keeps us enslaved in his prison – and how we can escape.

September 21, 2018

As the release of Frontpage Editor Jamie Glazov's new book, Jihadist Psychopath: How He Is Charming, Seducing, and Devouring Us, approaches, we are excited to announce one of Dr. Glazov's original and ground-breaking revelations in his new book: How the Jihadist Psychopath has successfully built his totalitarian plantation in the West -- a plantation on which many westerners, including many of our leaders, are now enslaved and dutifully following the Jihadist Psychopath's orders.

Dr. Glazov outlines the frameworks of this tyrannical plantation and shows how those who are unwillingly trapped on it, and who yearn for freedom, can best escape. Dr. Glazov also reveals (as he explains in his new video), how the Unholy Alliance is simply in panic mode at the prospect of people waking up to the existence of the Jihadist Psychopath's plantation and shedding their fear of the smears they will face for leaving it.

It is clear that Jihadist Psychopath, which is Amazon's #1 New Release in the “Medical Mental Illness” category, offers a very unique perspective on the terror war. Like no other work, it unveils the world of psychopathy and reveals, step by step, how Islamic Supremacists are duplicating the sinister methodology of psychopaths who routinely charm, seduce, capture, and devour their prey.

Jihadist Psychopath unveils how every element of the formula by which the psychopath subjugates his victim is used by the Islamic Supremacist to ensnare and subjugate non-Muslims. And in the same way that the victim of the psychopath is complicit in his own destruction, so too Western civilization is now embracing and enabling its own conquest and consumption.

The book has received glowing advance praise from President Trump's National Security Adviser, John Bolton. (Dr. Glazov discusses this great honor HERE).

Bolton says about Jihadist Psychopath:

Hard as it is to believe, many in the West simply will not take the time and trouble to understand the threat posed by radical Islamicist terrorism. James Burnham once wrote of a similar problem with international Communism in his masterful Suicide of the West. Now, Jamie Glazov has written this century's counterpart to Burnham's classic work and will doubtless upset those determined not to analyze for themselves the nature of the underlying phenomenon.

With a Foreword written by Michael Ledeen, advance praise also comes from Dennis Prager, Geert Wilders, Robert Spencer, Steve Emerson and many other titans and scholars in the international arena. (See Amazon page for many of the blurbs).

Dennis Prager affirms that Jihadist Psychopath is " of the most important books of the present time."

And that's why you have to pre-order a copy now. Order Jihadist Psychopath Today!

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The growing censorship in Sweden: A man posted this on FB. He was convicted and fined SEK 19 200.
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