nobodys POSTED FOR 8 WEEKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Guys... This is Bennett, The real one. My other account (pleaseben77 awsomebro) has been breached by Lily... If Pleaseben randomly posts anything stupid, its probably lily, Lily, if your reading this. Im not saying your going to do anything bad, just in case´╗┐

Can everybody stop talking about Lily with me when she's within hearing range?
Were getting to be friends again at school and she's getting annoys at you guys, thank you!

Any interesting minecraft servers that is like nothing I have already played?

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Thy tea party flag

If Seb was in this community everything would be complete

so the last post was 2 months ago ( :0 ) so please start posting!´╗┐

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Hey Inba can you invite my personal account to the Tea Party??? Its just Bennett Childs

I'm inviting Lily to the tea party, YAY!

Long weekend! yay!. This will henceforth be named the long tea break!
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