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Version 8.60

Putting up a new version for beta testing this morning. Scheduled messages have gotten a big update on the backend, but hopefully no one notices any differences with that. Mobile data is also automatically enabled if it is off when sending an MMS message and then disabled again when its finished.

Update should be out in the next hour or so.

The message bubble never shows up but yet it's there because it messes me up when I'm doing other things can you help me out please

61 weeks since last update, are you sure you'll update it?

Is development for Sliding Messaging still ongoing? The latest update announcement was nearly a year ago.

Seem to be having trouble on lollipop with slide over bubble. The function is fine but I can't actually see it.

I tried clearing app data and that didn't work. Restored my data and at least I know where I put the bubble I just can't see it.


The only thing this app could completely perfect is if it could play and send gifs. Is there any way it could updated with this ability?

Where do saved attachments go?  I click the save button on a displayed image and I can't seem to find it anywhere

I can send message with google voice....which it good.   However when I receive a text and try to reply using the name bubble the reply goes out on my carrier's number.   #googlevoice  

When viewing a contact in Sliding Messages creates an empty dialogs that are not removed android 5.0 lollipop DP

First, great app, lots of options .   But I could use some help with one feature that does not function like I expect it should.

I set up reminders to repeat so I don't miss messages.  Nothing drastic just 5 times a couple of minutes apart.  

The reminders do in fact repeat.  But... they tend to continue to repeat even after I have viewed them either in the app or swiped away the notification.   Now I miss messages because I ignore the notice thinking it is a "false" repeat.

My questions: A) Exactly what causes a message to be viewed?  B) Can this be "fixed" to include viewing the message in the app and/or removing the message notice?  
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