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Version 8.60

Putting up a new version for beta testing this morning. Scheduled messages have gotten a big update on the backend, but hopefully no one notices any differences with that. Mobile data is also automatically enabled if it is off when sending an MMS message and then disabled again when its finished.

Update should be out in the next hour or so.

Just reinstalled SMP (used it during early stages) and really like how it's progressed and looks but even though I'm using working APNs (for ATT) I can't send pictures.  I can receive just fine but sent MMS shows up blank for the recipient.  Galaxy S3 running CM11 M2.  SMP version 8.02.  ART enabled.
Tried turning off WiFi but no luck. 
Tried using another SMS app (8sms) and it worked using same MMS APNs.  

Any chance of integrating Menu Bar colour all upto status bar in 4.4? Looks amazing.
Kites for Android, FreshBacks are good examples of it.
Not at all much needed. But hey, it doesn't hurt to make suggestions as long as it fits with Android design guidelines. :-) 

Merry Christmas +Jacob Klinker & +Luke Klinker and a Happy New Year :-)

Pebble notification from Sliding Messaging

Is that anywhere in the pipeline?

KitKat. Security > Notification access

I see SMP listed here, radio button not checked, but only came across this setting when trying out LightFlow the other day and uninstalled it because I couldn't figure out how to get it to work with SMP anyway.

I see the pulsating light and notifications just fine when I get messages, I just presume leave it unchecked. I do apologize if this has been covered.

Have a great day! Thanks in advance.

+Jacob Klinker +Luke Klinker Just wanted to come in and apologize. I wiped my device and set it all back up. Upon doing this, I was able to send and receive MMS using sliding messaging. Please accept my apology.
It really is an excellent app with so many useful features.
For any troll who wants to call me an ass-kisser or anything else, you know where to go.
Have a great end to your holiday. 

Came back to sliding messaging pro after a good 6 months. So much has changed, yet so much remains the same... Can't send or receive MMS. It's wild. Hangouts sends and receives in 3 seconds, switch to SMP and it just hangs when trying to send, all I get is a lovely Download box when someone sends me one. I'm not a noob. I know how to read, I know how to find APNs and how to change and select them properly. This has been five devices in a row now (all T-Mobile): galaxy s3, HTC one S, Nexus 4, HTC One, and now Nexus 5. I've been able send 1 or 2 MMS as I've tried the app on every one of these devices. Don't misunderstand, I WANT to use this app VERY badly. I paid for it and the theme engine. It wasn't a fortune. No one "owes" me anything. I really just wish it work. 

Anyone have an issue with messges being deleted? I have a Verizon Note 3. I'm getting the notification and i see the message preview in my notification bar but then it disappears. Any fix?

Forward message does not work on nexus 5. Cards ui
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