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Species: ((Example: Neko Reaper or Etc.))
Appearance:((For people who have a picture Just describe hair color and eyecolor. If you do not have a picture this is a MUST))
World you are from:
2nd Ability: ((This is only if you are from the worlds of rina))
3rd Ability: ((This only you are from the world of Rina,If you have  one you can only have 3 abilities. One: Collect souls,Two:your Pick
Three:Your Pick.))
Skills:((At least 2 skills or more)
Bio: (((5 Sentences or more is fine. Please not Just One sentence or Unknown))
Theme song:

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I'm not taking chances with this crazy stuff man.

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"Hero, Hero, Hero from the past, Hero, Hero, Clap your hands and dance~"
//Reformed name//
Gaia, Mother Nature
//Reformed Height//
Plants,My bbies Life and Death, Father Time my boo
The Boogey man
Father Time=Husband
Vendetta= not aquanted
Mahogany= not aquanted
Atari= phobia buds
Sasalina= reformer
Shantae= Controller
Plants= she grows her plants around you she can do so many things with them her plants can shoot a gas that knock you down, they can create a shell around you and drown you in them, they can pull you down to the grownd and keep you there
Voice= screams from time to time to make the player feel confused, her level is completely dark and you must use your ears to hear her walk
Scythe= Father Time or Metronome taught her combat so she can pretty much defend herself against anybody
Whip= plant whip she can summon it at anytime because its inside a plant
Staff= carries it everywhere uses it to attack at anytime
Three eyes, elf ears, goat legs, necklace, two bracelets, her hair is in a bun most of the time,
2nd form
Same appearance as before
Sharp teeth, snake hair, sharp finger nails, 10'5"
//theme song//
Mother Earth-Savant
//Fav songs//
Mother earth-savant
Radioactive - imagine dragons
Hero from the past-savant
I was created by the Boogey man as a phobia (Hylophobia)
When you enter my level you need, stealth, good hearing, a combat plan, and you must see in the dark, or you will die; I was created to scare children and make them feel terrified, but Vince took me to Sasalina whom reformed me alongside Metronome (Chronophobia) or father time, at first we refuced to be reformed but eventually we agreed, now we work alonside Vince and the other dreamscapers in Dreamscape far from Nightmarescape where we used to work, I was physically abused by Boogey man and it was very painful, nothing can change the pain we were all put through but now we're all okay although we still get haunted by the memories we are a bit better and we hope that you _Reach Out_
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World:World Of Rina
2nd Ability:Necromancy Magic
3rd Ability:Pyromancy Magic
Theme Song: Shatter Me
Species: Sorceress Reaper
Weapon:Sorceress Scythe
((Since I Deleted My Honora and Lycoris Profiles.I decided to Make a New 2nd profile))

Name:Misty Willows.
Skills: Necromancy, Pyromancy, Playing piano,baking,Algebra,
Gymnastics, and Science.
Species:Sorceress In Necromancy
Likes:The Color Red,Black and Red Roses,Sad Music,Going To Graveyards,Practicing Necromancy.
Dislikes:Bragging,People Giving Her Lectures,Boring People,Screaming or Loud Noises.
Personality: Misty Is a Little Anti-Social to People and Gets Really Mad Easily.She also Gets Easily Frightened.She can't Be exposed to loud Noises Like Screaming etc.
Appearance: Misty Is a Red Haired  and Red eyed Girl.She Has Piercings on Right ear.She Is Always Wearing Her Usual Red Jacket with a Black Trim,Black Leggings and small Heal Black Boots. She Sometimes Wears Glasses.
Bio: Misty Grew Up With Only He Older Brother Lance since Their Parents were in a Accident. She Grew Attached to the Color red Because of Her Mother,She started to wear Red everywhere. She has Been to 3 Schools In the past Year Because Of Her Temper Going Out Of control. When she Gets Stressed she Goes to the Forest And Sits Under a Tree.When she Got to the Age of 10. She Found out She was Necromancer.She started to Focusing Her Life on Specializing in Necromancy. Her Brother Enrolled Her Into this School when She reached 15. She Wants to Try Getting Good Grades.Oh Her Free time she Starts Training In Pyromancy.
Birthday:January 1
Family: Lance (Older brother)
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Full Name:Aylssa Sapphire  Dragon Heart.(Real Name:Akira
Species:Dragon Reaper
Appearance: A blonde Haired and Blue eye girl who Often wears Red glasses.Has a weird Tatoo on the Left side of her Neck that she hides with her collar.
Partner: Not Assigned yet.
Weapon: Dragon Scythe. that turns into a pen some of the time.
World:World Of Rina
2nd Ability:Use of all 4 elements.
3rd Ability: The Ability to summon Dragons through a song.
Skills:Dragon Summoning,Fighting,learning,Being Fabulous.
Bio:Aylssa was born into a royal family In england.She Is the next Heir to the throne.She Ran away from the Kingdom.Her real name wasn't always always Alyssa her real name was Akira. when she ran way she changed her Name.As she Hid away from her own Kingdom she grew rebellious. One time some of the palace guards came after her,that's when she discovered she was a reaper.She actually Killed all 15 guards in one hit.That's also the event Of her Getting that strange tatoo on her Neck.She applied to this school to strengthen her own skills and forget her Past.The reason she ran away from her Kingdom was that Her Parents were too Overprotective.Her Parents also Has Her Betrothed to a guy Named Alexander.Alyssa Doesn't Even Have feelings for him and is still force to Marry him.She hopes that she'll never see Alexander again.
Family: Trina and Luke Dragonheart (Parents) Leo( Little Brother)
Birthday: April 5 (Zodiac sign:Aries)
Pets: None.
Theme Songs:What Lies Beneath By Breaking Benjermin and what I've done By Linking ParkPhoenix By Fall out boy

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Species:Vision reaper
Appearance:A Tall young girl with Red eyes and Navy Blue Hair. Wears Glasses.
Partner: Bo
Weapon: Crystal Scythe
World:World Of Rina
2nd Ability:Telepathy (Learned)
3rd ability:Having Visions (Inherited)
Skills:,Having Visions,Fighting,Baking,Annoying Bo
Bio:When Kenzi was young she ran away from home because Of Being Tortured By her Father.She soon Met Bo when she was 15. Then Bo was Kidnapped by Reapers so Kenzi Followed Behind them.When she "Saved" Bo she found out that she was A Reaper as well.After "Saving" Bo she  went traveling around the world with her.She always annoys Bo for Her own Entertainment.Then she got a letter of Acceptance here at Reaper High. She sometimes has Visions Of what can happen in the Future.On Her spare Time In her Normal form she Spends Her time in her Office.

Family: Lewis (Little Brother)
Birthday:October 31

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